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Updated on 08.08.2018

The Municipality of Pirkkala has long been one of the leading municipalities in Finland in both job and population development. The key strengths of the municipality, which has 18,500 residents, include its traffic location and the high level of education of the residents. The business areas are located along the ring road surrounding the city region and Lentoasemantie. The areas are easy to reach through four junctions and motorway service roads.

Read more at http://www.pirkkala.fi/in-english/business/

More information on the business areas and facilities:

Ahti Laakso
Business Development Director
tel. +358 44 486 1136

New or expanding business areas:

More information

Vähämaa Raimo Business Tampere 1

Raimo Vähämaa


+358 50 505 2228
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