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Updated on 24.07.2020

Tampere is a dynamic supra-provincial centre with more than 240,000 inhabitants, and also the centre of the Tampere Region. Tampere has succeeded in regenerating itself from the realm of heavy industry into a modern locomotive of high technology.

The city’s image as the most popular Finnish city people want to move to and as a student city further strengthens its growth and secures the availability of skilled manpower in the long run.

The current development trend of the city of Tampere has maintained the high value of property. The high value of property and the city’s excellent logistical location from the point of view of national accessibility has brought the city clear advantages when it comes to investment and location decisions.

More information about the business sites in Tampere:

Pasi Kamppari
Land Manager, City of Tampere
tel. +358 40 779 5615

Heli Toukoniemi
Land Manager, City of Tampere
tel. +358 40 806 4007

New, existing and expanding business areas:

More information

Vähämaa Raimo Business Tampere

Raimo Vähämaa

Senior business advisor, relocation services

+358 50 505 2228
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