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Updated on 22.01.2020

Orivesi is a pleasant, growing town located in the Tampere Region with approximately 9,400 inhabitants. The town’s logistic location is excellent, as it is located at the intersection of highway 9 and main road 58/66, and the railways to Jyväskylä and Haapamäki also cross the town. The distance from Orivesi to Tampere is 40 km, to Jyväskylä 109 km, to Helsinki 193 km and to Turku 196 km.

Orivesi is home to some 750 companies. The town’s business areas are located within easy reach of the town centre. The town’s plot selection is varied and their prices are affordable. Construction can be launched quickly.

The services in Orivesi are excellent, and the living environment is idyllic, with plenty of recreational opportunities including an ice hall, sports hall, swimming hall, several outdoor tracks and plenty of cultural events.

Orivesi is an excellent place for companies to operate and succeed. Welcome to Orivesi!

More information about the business sites in Orivesi:

Otto Härkönen
Head of Economic Development
tel. +358 40 1339 189

Pirjo Ellä
Business Advisor
tel. +358 50 348 7970

Read more about Orivesi at www.orivesi.fi
>> http://www.orivesi.fi/fi/palvelut/asuminen-rakentaminen-ja-ymparisto/tontit/teollisuus–ja-liiketontit

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Vähämaa Raimo Business Tampere

Raimo Vähämaa

Senior business advisor, relocation services

+358 50 505 2228
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