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Lempäälä is home to a diverse economic structure and excellent services. The location of the municipality in the Tampere Region, along the motorway makes Lempäälä a business area that is easily accessible and logistically an excellent choice for companies and their partners. The number of companies operating in Lempäälä has grown steadily throughout the millennium. At the end of 2013, some 1,500 companies operated in Lempäälä.

The main trades in Lempäälä are retail and whole sales, construction, industry and health and social services. We are happy to custom-make a plot and business premise solution for your business.

More information about the business sites in Lempäälä:

Kari Löytty
Managing Director
Lempäälä Development ltd
tel. +358 40 572 7931

New, existing and expanding business areas:

The Marjamäki business area, more than 300 hectares in size, is among the most prominent business areas is Finland. The location of Marjamäki along the Helsinki-Tampere motorway and at the intersection of Route 130 is unparalleled. The multi-level intersections designed for large traffic volumes are ready and the largest Finnish cities are within a quick drive. More than 1,500 people in over 200 companies work in Marjamäki, which means that the services in the area are excellent and there are plenty of opportunities for co-operation.

Businesses located in Marjamäki include Ideapark Retail City, and many companies operating in the industry, logistics and warehousing. The plan of Marjamäki is complete and allows for large-scale retail, industry, logistics and business construction.

Businesses in the area include Ideapark Retail City, Jääsaukko Oy, Teräselementti Oy, Kuljetusliike Tyvi amd the Lempäälä terminal of Inex Partners.

Plots will be parcelled to suit the needs of businesses locating to the area.

Sääksjärvi, located in the proximity of Tampere, is a diverse business hub with excellent connections. Sääksjärvi comprises several business areas built at different times, the most notable of which are the areas of Kiilto, Rajasilta, Toimela and Kukonkorpi, and the most recently built Kortejärvi business area.

Sääksjärvi is home to industry, construction and logistics companies.

Businesses located in Sääksjärvi include Kiilto, Robit Rocktools, Witraktor, Startax, Paanurakenne, Fibox, Nisamo and Metalpak

Enquire after available plots and business premises.

These two business areas are fully constructed and home to companies such as Katepal, Pyrollpack, Inter Sähkö and Drillset.
Enquire after available plots and business premises.

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Business Tampere - Raimo Vähämaa

Raimo Vähämaa

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