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    City IoT2 project will develop scalable, coherent, well-documented practices and solutions for data management and IoT-solutions for cities both nationally and internationally.
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    About CityIot2 project

    According to the EU data strategy, by 2025 global volume of data will increase 530 %, the value of the data economy will be 829 billion euros and Europe will have 10,9 million data professionals (5,7 million 2018). Cities will be in a key role in this development both as data producers as well as data users. Cities will also have a key role in opening data and defining open data principles. Data and IoT-solutions will also enable cities to provide better services for the citizens.

    Cities produce massive amount of data. Data is created both by experts as well as from different sensors and IoTsystems. One of the conclusions of the 6Aika:CityIoT –project was that different IoT-solutions and the data they generate will have significant business potential in the cities.

    Holistic usage of data requires systematic and well-defined data collection, storage, distribution and management principles. Data platform makes it possible to use the data for visualisations and further analysis without major effort. Furthermore, this makes it possible to benefit from the data e.g. in knowledge based management.

    Goals of the project

    The main target of City IoT2 project is to develop, test and document IoT data management and usage principles, specifications and interfaces from city use case perspective. The effort will be based on work done in earlier projects, especially the 6Aika CityIoT. This project will collect the earlier work, further develop the work in specific areas and to collect this into a coherent information package for companies, research institutes and other cities.

    The information will be disseminated using IoT Handbook and a seminar series.

    It will help to establish common practices among cities and this will enable scalable business for the companies and thus lower cost, better services. Being among the first in this development area in Finland and actively promoting our efforts will open new international business opportunities for local companies.

    Project material and news

    CityIoT2 project is enabled and conducted by

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