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    German Scalers advised how to conquer Germany

      Germany is the biggest market in Europe. So, naturally, also Finnish startup companies are interested in conquering it. German Scalers program...

    Celebrating fast growing companies in Tampere

    In the Tampere Region the number of growth enterprises has been steadily increasing. Deloitte announced the fastest growing technology companies on Thursday.

    Top-grade automotive technology expertise in the Tampere Region

    The Tampere Automotive Cluster is up and running, bringing together expertise on various automotive-related technologies and boosting local cooperation. The Tampere city region, long known for ICT, intelligent machinery and manufacturing industries, is now geared up to make the automotive future.

    Tampere's Startup Community: the power of input and output

    Community is an important driver when it comes to growth. Not just personal growth, but also the growth of a business or an organization. The benefits that come with being part of a business community are various: Meeting talents, exchange of knowledge and information, building or growing your network, access to resources. 

    A unique alliance to boost the Tampere Region startup ecosystem

    An alliance of public sector operators is in the making, with the main objective to support the startup ecosystem in the Tampere Region. Business Tampere estimates that the alliance is good news for both startups and the business environment in general.

    IPR.VC Fund could help launch more Tampere TV and movie success stories

    There are several production companies in Tampere, Finland, that have shown strength in producing TV shows and movies for both domestic and international audiences. The huge business potential of this industry is underlined by the new Finnish IPR.VC private equity Fund II

    Cartoon Business 2019 in Tampere – how to create content for international market

    The Cartoon Business conference is held once a year, and this time the professionals gathered in Tampere to talk animation...

    Agile experiments and RescuePosse: to play is to learn, and it is fun!

    RescuePosse – a game by Janne Leinonen and his company Lucasoft has been tested in an agile experiment.
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