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Webinar series kicks-off: international talents help companies expand business abroad

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Are you already trading internationally or just thinking about it? Have you thought looking for the the business, cultural and language skills and experience of international professionals when expanding your business over the Finnish borders? Welcome to listen our webinar series on the challenges of internationalisation.

Join our webinar series with real case studies about companies who are doing just this! We are starting the journey from a case study to Poland continuing to cases to Estonia, Germany, UK and later even to Kenya.

These companies have worked together with international talents who live locally to help them to identify new business opportunities, do research in the chosen markets and finding ways to enter these markets in a strategically thought way.

Come and listen how this was done and find ideas how to do this also in your own company. You will see the company presentations, find out about the international professionals out there and hear about the work they have done in consulting the companies and assisting them with their efforts to expand their business internationally!

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Case Sophia Sign on January 22 at 2 pm

Sophia Sign Oy will be the case company in the first webinar. The session will cover questions, concerns and challenges many SMEs looking into expanding to a new market area will face.

Sophia Sign is interested in to entering German and UK markets, and asked some international talents to give them a hand in conducting market research to these countries. With the findings of the research, the international talents have been working together with the company to transfer their services to fit into the new chosen market.


Case Netbox on February 1st at 10 am

Topic: International Challenges – Netbox to Estonia

Estonia is a great place to invest for any digital company. The digital standards there are high and the Estonian companies are open to any new digital solution, such as Netbox services. Netbox is Tampere-based company, which makes messaging and e-invoice delivery easily accessible. The services are enriched with company data. Our Talent team from France and Spain researched e-invoicing business in Estonia and provided data input for Netbox to evaluate entrance possibilities to Estonian market and take further steps.

Welcome to our Talent boost webinar on expanding e-invoicing business to Estonia on the 1st of February at 10 am. Get some useful tips about Estonian markets and business environment. The study is presented by an Estonian expat in Finland who knows both Estonian and Finnish cultural and business context.


Case Triuvare Oy on February 5 at 2 pm

Topic: International Challenges – Preparations for sales launch in Poland

Triuvare Oy has subsidiary Triuvare Sp. z o.o. in Poland. Business in Poland has been launched during last year. Currently there is one customer (Finnish company who expanded to Poland) and one employee. Triuvare is planning how to extend business in Poland and how to get next customers. Dongwook Lee and Magdalena Figeland-Olechnowicz did market research for Triuvare including overlook of Polish culture and ICT market, competition analysis, SWOT and guideline for first steps on Polish market. In the webinar Triuvare’s CEO Toni Rantanen will introduce Triuvare shortly and the challenge. Dongwook and Magdalena will present how they helped Triuvare to solve the challenge with market research.


Case QualityDesk Oy on February 12 at 3 pm

Topic: International Challenges – Market research to Poland

If you are planning to enter the Polish market or you are interested in one of the most attractive locations for foreign investments in Europe, then our webinar will be useful for you. We share a general overview of the Polish market and practical strategies of how to step in also what is ‘on the line’ in call centre sector.


Cometa Solutions on February 27 at 2 pm

Germany is the economical lead of Europe. If you are interested in German digitalization market, this webinar will be useful for you. We share some general insides of our background study of the market.


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