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    Visit Tampere and Business Tampere launched campaign to tell human stories of reinvention

    Kuva: Laura Vanzo

    Reinvent.Tampere. shares inspiring personal stories from the city that embodies reinvention as a tried-and-tested way forward

    Visit Tampere and Business Tampere recently launched the Reinvent.Tampere. campaign with the goal to collect and share curated stories of people living in Tampere – people reimagining business, community, and everyday life.

    – We want to celebrate our amazing community and give voice to the people of Tampere. We aim to help people in Finland and abroad see Tampere from a different angle — beyond what’s written in guide books or business presentations,” says the project manager Grigory Kharitidis.

    Tampere as a city is known for reinventing itself throughout its history, always finding new ways forward, and discovering new purposes. Even in difficult times, people have counted on the community and their support for bold decisions and creative thinking. Once heavily industrialized, Tampere has become one of the most innovative and comfortable cities for life and business.

    – The campaign portrays Tampere as a trusted place where you can safely reinvent yourself, your business, your way of living – to come together as a community and thrive, adds Kharitidis.

    The campaign features both well-known stories, as the one of Uhana clothing brand founders, and the less known ones, as the story of a dancer who became a nature and wild vegetables advisor.

    New stories appear every week. The heroes come from diverse professional, business, and personal backgrounds. The only thing uniting them is the inspiring story of transformation that happened to them in Tampere.

    For more information about the campaign visit


    Visit Tampere is the official destination marketing organization dedicated to promoting the Finnish city and region of Tampere as an attractive travel and business destination.

    Business Tampere is the Tampere region economic development agency, promotes investments and creates an attractive environment for sustainable business in the region.

    For more information please contact

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