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    Towards a greener sky: Tampere University professor talks aviation’s journey to carbon neutrality – Don’t miss the video interview!

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    Photographer: Laura Vanzo

    The aviation industry is striving to reduce its emissions. However, changes are slow, and technical solutions require extensive research and product development.

    Professor Stephen Wright, who researches zero-emission aviation at Tampere University, states that environmentally friendly air travel is already testing its wings. Wright mentions that the implementation of new and high-performance methods will take a couple of decades.

    – The technology has not matured yet. We are at around the five-year mark in this development cycle, says Wright.

    According to the professor, flying powered by electricity is currently challenging due to the insufficient capacity of batteries. The primary practical issue lies in the amount of energy required for an aircraft, which is significantly higher compared to electric cars.

    Biofuels are in high demand. Environmentally friendly fuels have various applications and uses.

    One way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from air travel is to transition from traditional aviation fuel to eco-friendly alternatives, says Wright. Possible greener alternatives could include hydrogen or sustainably produced biofuels, which can be refined from sources like restaurant grease waste. The professor mentions that there is ongoing development of a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that is more environmentally friendly than the standard A1 aviation fuel.

    By modifying the chemical composition or manufacturing process of the fuel, it is possible to reduce harmful emissions. Wright notes that the current challenge with the new fuel is its limited availability.

    – Biofuels are in high demand. Environmentally friendly fuels have various applications and uses. Some of it goes to the automotive sector, and some to aviation, summarizes the professor.

    In the video, Professor Stephen Wright from the University of Tampere provides more insights into the environmentally friendly aviation sector. Watch the interview in the embedded content.

    Professor Stephen Wright

    • Tampereen yliopisto, Industry Professor
    • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences | Automation Technology and Mechanical Engineering
    • Research topics: Zero emmission aviation, aircraft systems, human performance and limitations in aviation
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