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    Nordic Startup School – The Result of Re-Thinking Startup Program

    NSS Together

    When Nordic Startup School (NSS) started in spring 2019, it was all about validating the programme just like any startup validates its product. Once the “syllabus” was successfully proven through a couple of batches, there was a need to form the model into a more recognizable brand supported with a distinguishable service roadmap. Now NSS exists based on model developed together with participated startups, being than an unique visionary program in Finland.

    Through the NSS new brand image, people are meant to see the approach that NSS has to the industry: A more relaxed, informal but deeper interaction with the companies. Specifically, we want it to be Informal, Adventurous, Visionary, Ambitious, International and Open-minded just like NSS team is.

    Reason behind the change was the wakening based on feedback and understanding after first batches that a lot of startups have to go through 3-4 accelerators until they can stand on their own feet. With this in mind,  NSS new roadmap consists of 4 programmes with various lengths and intensity, in order to make NSS the one and only destination to accelerate startups from pre-seed up to Series A funding.

    We’re not interested in having startups for a few months but wanting to build a long-term partnership and grow together.  Tomi Terentjeff, School Boss

    Nordic Startup School is based on the model they developed that forms a funnel for startups taking them through four different stages: Pre School, Startup School, After School and Startup Growth, all tight together with umbrella brand Nordic Startup Ventures.


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    Nordic Startup Pre School is a half-day workshop designed for startups from cities, organisations or companies who want to boost their startups. Pre School workshop helps founders and their team explore their startups & accelerate progress: improve their idea, understand their customers better, define their solution and build a clear action plan to validate their value proposition.

    The Pre School is also a tool for NSS to get to know potential startups and choose the best one to join the next state Nordic Startup School

    Startup School

    Nordic Startup School is a 3-month acceleration program that continues the work of Pre School.

    Through monthly 2-day Bootcamps, bi-weekly workshops and intensive 1-to-1 mentoring, Startup School aims to help startups with concept validation, product building, branding & early sales. At the end, startups should be ready for their first market entry and again, we select the best performers to continue with us in the next phase Nordic Startup After School.

    After School

    Nordic Startup After School is a 9-month acceleration program aimed to help top performing companies enter international markets with funding and help from NSS and our mentors. In this state, specific mentors will be assigned to each startup and work with them throughout the program to help them reach their targets that are set during the Startup School.

    Startup Growth

    The last and the longest acceleration programme in the roadmap, Startup Growth helps companies scale. Enter global markets, focus on marketing at scale, embrace data, and learn how to optimize your operations.

    Nordic Startup Ventures

    With the vision to become the hub for entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and strategic industry experts, we also created the mother brand Nordic Startup Ventures to help investors and partners get access to the best startup while securing funding for our entrepreneurs.

    Next kicking off another Nordic Startup School 2020 Autumn batch

    Nordic Startup School is the flagship 3-month programme, which was the base of creation model around it.

    After 3 successful seasons, validating the programmes, NSS team is “running the show” again with added features. This time NSS connected the learning not only for businesses, but also for interns that are interested to take a peek behind the scenes how does a startup ecosystem look like. For two-way learning also this way NSS team keeps them updated when getting fresh perspectives on various questions. Aim of integration is to get students more involved in startups work and let them learn to be entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs.

    This autumn 2020 batch we have 7 startups from different industries around the Finland attending the programme:

    NSS Companies


    Blokgarden - A service for individuals or communities to grow food effortlessly with the help of experienced gardeners and community through an app.

    Bout - The app for boat rides - The application connects passengers with captains, handles the communication and payments. You can just focus on enjoying the ride.

    Kausal - Help cities bridge the gap between climate goals and actions, Kausal Watch tracks sustainability actions so ambitious cities can hit their climate targets.

    Glowdia - Online interior design platform - The platform connects customers to interior designers, takes care of payment and provides a ready-made shopping list and from the designer.

    Statzon - Simple way to complex data - Statzon is the easiest and fastest way to access accurate, reliable and up-to-date global Robotics industry data and insights - immediately and cost-efficiently.

    Canit - A new way to collect and return empty refundable cans and bottles - Canit is a mobile application that allows sellers to easily and conveniently get rid of their empty, refundable bottles and cans while the buyer gets money when returning them to a reverse vending machine.

    Timespace - Manage your own and your team’s work life balance in one application - OuBalance is an app that records and tracks one’s Work, Activity, Social and Sleep - anonymously and in real-time.


    Nordic Startup School -project was started and funded with the 6Aika: Ecosystems of growth -project aiming to develop startup ecosystems and create models that helps businesses to grow in the next level.

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