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    Ready to grow global? Nordic Startup School gets you places!

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    Steering a successful startup through financing rounds, go-to-market planning and other perils takes skill. But that skill can be acquired – in our ten-week Nordic Startup School. This startup master class gives you the tools and connections you need to gain traction, avoid the common pitfalls and secure your next investment round.

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    Are you ready to work for your dream? Nordic Startup School, a ten-week boot camp will give your startup an edge. You can be a first-time entrepreneur or with more experience – our team of world-class mentors will have the answers and networks you need to grow.

    What’s on the menu?

    Accelerate your business. Grow your network and go global. Mentors as your secret weapons. These are just some of the topics covered in Nordic Startup School. What’s more, there is a grand prize up for grabs; a 4-week trip to Capital Factory, Austin, USA. Austin is said to be the next Silicon Valley and your trip will include valuable mentoring with the local community of serial entrepreneurs and investors. All in all, the program offers substance that has rarely, if ever, been available for startups in Tampere.

    Meet some of the mentors

    Ideas matter, but execution rules. Our mentors know (almost) everything and can guide you towards effective path of smarter execution. They can provide you access and connections that would normally take years to build. Here’s just some of the names to get you excited:

    Ari Tulla - Quest Analytics, Better Doctor

    Startup entrepreneur and early stage investor in many great potential startups like Oura.

    Prashant Fonseka - Monday Capital

    Early stage investor and advisor working together with Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington @ Monday Capital.

    Aki Luukkainen

    Early stage investor and board professional. Focuses on helping growth companies building sales and traction especially in US market. Aki has already made a few exits as an entrepreneur.

    John Livesay - The Perfect Pitch

    John helps companies develop their story. His book "Better Selling Through Storytelling" shows you how to learn how to become magnetic to your ideal clients.

    Moaffak Ahmed - Nordic Makers

    Serial entrepreneur and early stage investor with over 25 years of marketing and business development experience in Europe, North America and Asia.

    Mikko Alasaarela - Inbot

    Founder of Inbot, a creative entrepreneur and an occasional angel investor focusing on disruptive innovations like Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies.

    Will Cardwell - Courage Ventures

    Early stage investor, board professional, mentor and coach. Will has a hands-on approach on investing and helps companies with their investor relationships.

    Jasmine Bina - Concept Bureau

    Brand strategy and communications professional, focused on growth stage startups entering the U.S. market.

    Tomi Kaukinen - Licence to fail

    Tomi Kaukinen runs Licence to Fail, Finland's number one resource for start-up tips and tricks, extensive public funding help and stories from the world of entrepreneurship.

    Meet the dream team

    While our all-star team of dozens of international mentors will provide you valuable insights, the program is run by Startup Tampere team and two gurus Tomi Terentjeff and Pekka Pärnäinen. They'll make sure the program is cooler than anything else out there.

    Pekka has literally decades of experience from Silicon Valley, and getting him to share his knowledge and wisdom is something we are incredibly proud of. Pekka is a startup guru focused on Business Development, Marketing and Channel Development for early phase startups. Pekka has a hands-on approach, helping his customers with both sales and fundraising in US.

    Tomi is a startup coach, mentor, consultant and investor working with seed phase startups. Tomi has specialized in fundraising and go-to-market strategies, both crucial for scale-up startups. He likes to call himself a fixed-term founder, solving problems together with the founding team.

    Accelerate your success with Nordic Startup School

    Startup Tampere is on a mission to provide bigger than ever muscles and services to the local startup ecosystem.

    “I believe that the Pay-It-Forward culture is in the core when building a great startup ecosystem that will foster entrepreneurship”, says Sointu Karjalainen, Project Manager in Startup Tampere. “Nordic Startup School and our great mentors will definitely help our startups to the next level.”

    Sointu believes that transferring knowledge is the key in avoiding startup mistakes. “Mentoring the next generation is the best investment we can do”, she says. “Together we can make the Tampere Startup Ecosystem smarter and accelerate success.”

    Apply by February 25th

    If you have a startup and your team is committed to working hard and scaling big, you can’t spend your time smarter than applying to Nordic Startup School. It will help you go global.

    Check more information and applications at Nordic Startup School website.


    Nordic Startup School is organized in collaboration with Golden Gateway and Business Tampere, powered by the city of Tampere and the project called 6Aika – Ecosystems of Growth: Enabling the Growth of Companies through Collaboration.

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