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    New startup programs batches are open for application!

    Super Demo Day, 15.11.2019

    Whether you have just an idea and team, or a business ready scale up on international markets, these programs exist to help you on the way. Both Red Brick Accelerator and Nordic Startup School are both organized once more after few successful batches. Would this be your time to apply? Nordic Startup School application deadline is 1.2.2020 and for Red Brick Accelerator application is open until 19.2.2020

    Red Brick helps startups on the right tracks from very beginning

    Red Brick Accelerator is an intensive coaching and mentoring program for early-stage startups. It supports startup idea development from idea stage to first revenue and funding.

    The program consists of numerous high-quality workshops and mentoring sessions provided by top-level experienced industry experts on topics such as: prototyping, mockup/concept testing, validation, product design, branding…

    Red Brick Accelerator looks for teams with a proof of concept who are willing to develop their idea further with coaching and mentoring help provided by the accelerator program. The program is free to participate, but it requires commitment and active participation from selected teams.

    The spring batch period is: February 24 – May 15.

    Application deadline is February 19! Read more about Red Brick Accelerator and apply via this website.

    Red Brick Accelerator was a great springboard for our entrepreneurial journey. It really helped us to validate our business case with first “outsiders”. The program itself was quite demanding but at the same time it was really rewarding. You could see it as a sneak peak to the startup life. It has been a lot easier for us to figure out next steps after the program. Unique experience all in all. – RBA Alumnus, Valtteri Korkiakoski, Medified Solutions

    Nordic Startup School builds a bridge to US Markets

    Nordic Startup School (NSS) is a 3-12 month long acceleration for early-stage startups. The program goal is that during 12 months, startups would reach Product-Market-Fit, so they could start the second phase of our acceleration called Seed-to-A.

    Nordic Startup School offers not only mentoring and coaching but 6-12 month funding for best startups in NSS. During the first 1-2 months, we select 3-4 companies that are going to get early-stage funding from Nordic Startup School and its advisors and mentors. Nordic Startup School goal is to fully support the small founding team with all the necessary things that enable the team to focus on business. Legal issues, funding, and most support activities are provided for our startups during the program.

    “We want to see how well startup make progress if they don´t have to focus so much time and energy on fundraising and other similar things”, says Tomi Terentjeff, lead coach of Nordic Startup School.

    Companies who are in pre-seed or seed-phase can apply. Product doesn´t have to be ready, but some validated MVP is expected. Revenue is not a requirement, but it can be seen as company advantage. The most important thing is that the founder team is fully committed to pushing forward fast.

    Application for Nordic Startup School is open until 1.2.2020. Read more about NSS and apply via this website.

    We met a lot of great people and mentors during Nordic Startup School. Getting advice from people who have had international success already, is highly valuable. You really can´t get anything like that outside NSS. We even managed to close our funding round during the program! - NSS Alumnus, Sini Havukainen, Layette

    6Aika – Ecosystems of growth: Enabling the growth of companies through collaboration

    The project aims to generate new business activities in city regions and support growth oriented companies to better access networks and innovation ecosystems that support their needs. Project is a joint effort by the six largest cities in Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku and Oulu, together with the Council of Tampere Region. The idea of cities having a significant role in developing and activating networks to support innovation in companies, guides project implementation.

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