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    “If you want to score, shoot towards the goal.”

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    Qentinel, which provides robotic software testing tools, helps companies ensure that software works flawlessly. Automated quality assurance streamlines the development process and increases business value.


    The growth rate of software development has been tremendous and no slowing down is in sight. Currently, more new software versions are being made in the world than ever before, and the pace is only accelerating. Development challenges entire industries to innovate.

    “New software versions are released so frequently that their quality assurance is currently the biggest bottleneck in the software development in the world”, says Qentinel’s AI Architect Henri Terho. “Qentinel removes this bottleneck. With automation and AI, we can weed out all manual work from the testing process.”

    Thanks to artificial intelligence and automated quality assurance tools, new types of development processes thus streamline the entire organization, as automation frees people to produce added value exactly where it is desired to be achieved.

    New business ideas need new perspectives

    According to Terho, building the chances of success for new companies starts already in the ideation phase. He emphasizes the importance of tips and feedback.

    “Talk to people about your own startup or business idea. Only then can you get feedback on it”, he urges. “You probably have not seen all the angles of your idea yourself yet.”

    Nor does he see any threat in presenting the idea in the hope of feedback to others at the earliest possible stage.

    “No one is going to steal your business idea at a point when it is just an idea”, Terho reminds. “The idea itself is worthless. What matters is that you implement it correctly. And you get the best tips for implementation from everyone else.”

    Terho encourages to look towards the goal instead of a local small game at an early stage.

    “It is worth playing straight towards the goal. It does not work to test carefully first in Tampere, then in Finland and then perhaps in Europe. If you want to score a goal, you do not play carefully at the defence end first, but you shoot directly towards the goal. That is, you go to the world.”

    Building Tampere’s startup ecosystem together

    6Aika – Ecosystems of growth: enabling the growth of companies through collaboration of the Kuutoskaupungit cities

    The project supports the access of growth-oriented companies to suitable networks and services supporting research and product development activity. The project is implemented by the six biggest cities in Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu, and the Council of Tampere Region. The project is based on the idea of the cities’ active role in supporting the innovation activities of companies and the related support networks.

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