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    Export opportunities to the NGO sector are opening up through a new project

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    Picture: Visit Tampere, Laura Vanzo

    The “Export to International Non-Governmental Organizations” project, or more familiarly INGO, is a new approach to support companies in exporting to the non-profit sector; UN, Red Cross, UNICEF, development banks, etc.

    UN organizations and other entities are constantly looking for different products and services and finance projects - from cutting-edge technology solutions to essential building materials. This enables various companies to become a global partner/supplier, increasing turnover. It is estimated that the NGO sector is an annual market worth 20 billion, including all purchasing services. Traditionally, different organizations from the Nordic-Baltic axis, with the exception of the Danes, have not fared very well in the procurement and project searches of the NGO sector.

    INGO brings together coordinating forces from Finland (Business Tampere and Turku Science Park) as well as from Estonia (Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol), Latvia (Latvian IT Cluster), and Sweden (Research Institute of Sweden). Together, the organizations aim to support companies in increasing sales to the NGO sector over a period of 3.5 years through various concrete activities.

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    Kuva: Visit Tampere, Laura Vanzo

    Creating connections and acquiring information is the key

    Partnership with well-known NGOs strengthens the company's credibility and can act as a differentiating competitive factor when compared to others. Effective navigation of the NGO sector requires strategic skills and knowledge. Creating good connections, meeting the right people, persistence and acquiring information are key to opening up opportunities for the NGO sector. In addition, it is important to increase companies' awareness of the UN's sustainable development goals and how they can be taken into account as part of business and coordinated to fit together with the goals of NGOs. The things mentioned above are exactly what the project's activities support when the goal is to get more business for companies with the mentality "Do Good, Do Business."

    In September, we will publish two company interviews on the channels of Business Tampere, in which Tespack and Lytefire talk about their own experiences of working with the NGO sector. The interviews will be published on September 18th and 25th. Thursday 28.9 of the same week at 14:00-15:30, an online Awareness Event will be organized, where you will hear tips from NGO operators, the Finland Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finnpartnership on how to get started, what opportunities exist, and how you can get funding for them.

    If you are interested in the topic, leave your contact information via the registration link so that we can keep you up to date on the opportunities opening up for the NGO sector.

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