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    Education Tampere

    Education Tampere brings together the best education services of Finland, ranging from technology to full degree programs in a wide variety of fields. We cover all levels of education from early childhood education and care to university degrees.

    Education Export is a growing industry

    UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 is that every one of its 193 member states spends 4-6% of GDP and/or 15-20% of total public expenditure on education by 2030. It is estimated that by that time total industry market value is around 380 billion euros when the current (2020) value is around 106 billion euros.

    Driven by knowhow, supported by technology

    Education Tampere ecosystem is structured by five educational institutions and several companies who do have a deep expertise on Finnish education and pedagogigal knowhow. These stakeholders all in all provide a wide range of degree or certificate based trainings and customizable solutions from consultancy to long-term partnership to develop educational systems and competence.

    Knowhow is complemented by many innovative education technology solutions covering topics from digital learning products to the educational management systems.

    VIDEO: Education Tampere

    Check the video to hear from the education export experts comments how Education Tampere operates.

    In Tampere Region

    Welcome aboard at Education Tampere

    Education Tampere is an open community of stakeholders whose work is connected with educational sector. If you want to meet other likeminded people, share insights and experiences, you can be right fit to the Education Tampere ecosystem. There are no current member fees, but of course we expect to see engagement. And important to keep in mind is that we don’t compete, we support each other because growing together we are stronger.

    About Education Tampere Members

    Education Tampere has gathered on a webpage a short introduction of the ecosystem members and services they provide. If you have any questions regarding the webpage content or instead would prefer something more tailor-made services, please contact directly Sami Puttonen from Education Tampere.



    Education Tampere activities

    Introducing the Finnish school

    One of our Education Tampere companies, Polar Partners, did an introduction video how does the normal school day in Finland looks. Aim is to open eyes for understanding that schools in Finland are  much more than sitting in classroom and a lot of learning actually happens outside the classroom.

    The video has been filmed at Vuores School in Tampere. Check the trailer, or jump directly into a full version (lenght 13:46) at Business Tampere YouTube channel.

    Please see this page. School visits at Tampere. for practical information how to book and organize visits.

    International Delegation Visits

    An important part of Education Tampere operations is to strenghten international relations in educational sector. We are happy to welcome any international delegations interested to learn morea about educational activities in Tampere region and get connected with different stakeholders.

    If you are planning to visit Tampere or would like to invite some educational actors to visit at you, our job is to help you out. In other words, we are happy to host you or coordinate to gather suitable delegation to visit you.

    For further discussions, please contact us.  

    Engineer Academy

    Tampere region is built by an industrial heritage and it still a major economic field including large corporates and SMEs. Therefor the has been a joint effort together with vocational training institutions, TAKK & TREDU in Tampere to establish the engineer academy.  The academy provides tailored education services and support to respond growing need of talents in the industrial sector.

    Members involved

    moti education

    Contact us

    Interested in engaging with the Education Tampere?
    Contact the Business Tampere advisors to learn more about the business community, the companies and other actors involved, and how to become a member.

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