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    AI Hub Tampere offers sparring and hands on workshops

    AI Hub 04062019

    Finland’s first AI Hub was launched in December 2018 in Tampere. The Hub offers free and neutral consulting for companies in the form of workshops, sparring and pilot periods. The aim is to increase awareness and use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in various industries, especially in the context of intelligent machines.

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    Photo: Mirella Mellonmaa

    The first hands on workshop organized by AI Hub was held at the Campus Club in January. The workshop was attended by dozens of representatives of various companies. In the workshop for example robotics and machine learning was introduced. The next workshops will be held in August, October and December 2019.

    The themes for the future workshops are pattern recognition, artificial intelligence applications, and social robotics, tells Ritva Savonsaari, the Coordinator of AI Hub Tampere.

    Workshops can be attended by engineers as well as company managers.

    In addition to the workshops, AI Hub Tampere offers free and neutral advice for companies on the use of artificial intelligence. These sparring sessions take one and a half hour. Business-specific needs for business development can be reviewed during the consultation. Experts are able to identify in which cases the exploitation of artificial intelligence could be profitable and when the other type of solution would be most effective. The registration for workshops and sparring sessions is done through the AI ​​Hub website.

    An interesting company case can be continued for a week-long pilot if it seems that AI and machine learning could be the answer for the identified problem, says Savonsaari.

    The head of AI Hub Tampere is Heikki Huttunen, Assistant Professor of signal processing and machine vision at Tampere University. Other major actors are Assistant Professor Reza Ghabceloo from robotics and automation, University Lecturer Aino Ahtinen from social robotics and Assistant Professor Roel Pieters. For more information on AI Hub Tampere activities, visit

    AI Hub Tampere is a publicly funded center, coordinated by the University of Tampere. Its aim is to create networks between companies and the AI experts of the University, as well as provide assistance and lessons for applying AI. The center is part of the Finnish national network of AI centers that is currently under construction.

    More information:

    Ritva Savonsaari
    Coordinator of AI Hub Tampere
    Tampere University
    tel. +358 50 477 2701

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