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    The opening of flight connections to Tampere-Pirkkala is the result of long-term cooperation

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    photo: Mirella Mellonmaa

    From the beginning of May, Tampere-Pirkkala Airport will be more international than ever before. There are direct flights from Tampere to 11 European cities, with smooth connections to the rest of the world through network cooperation between airlines.

    A total of four airlines operate from Tampere-Pirkkala: SAS, Ryanair, Finnair and airBaltic, which will launch their new base in Tampere from the beginning of May. The official opening of the base will be celebrated on Monday 2nd May. In addition to the scheduled airlines, the travel agency TUI operates its own leisure flights from the airport. Extensive flight connections are not a matter of course. Business Tampere has been working for them for several years together with various actors.

    “Negotiations with the airlines have been and are still ongoing. airBaltic's decision to locate their new base in Tampere-Pirkkala is a real culmination, and we have been working hard to make it happen for years,” says Harri Ojala, Director, Investment and International Operations at Business Tampere.

    Diverse connections from Tampere-Pirkkala further support the growth and development of Finland's most attractive region and promote the region and its companies to the world. Excellent transport connections to the city from all over Finland, the super events brought by Nokia Arena and the very vibrant business life make the airport attractive.

    “For the first time, Tampere can now be reached from anywhere in the world with just one flight change. Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, Europe's main air transport hubs, offer unique exchange connections through airBaltic's partner network, e.g. in the route networks of Lufthansa, SAS and KLM”, says Marja Aalto, Senior Specialist of flight connections from Visit Tampere.

    “Versatile flight connections are of immeasurable importance for the local business community, and they are taking a big leap forward to promote the internationalization of companies in the region and cooperation with other actors. We are very pleased that air connections are now improving significantly and encouraging companies to travel the world again,” says Markus Sjölund, Director of Advocacy and International Affairs at the Tampere Chamber of Commerce.

    The flight booking situation looks good at the moment, but there is still room. The wide range of connections and the advantages of a small airport offer opportunities for everyone's needs for both leisure and business travel. The common wish of all actors is that as many people as possible would take Tampere-Pirkkala's connections as the primary flight option so that the home airport will continue to grow and develop in the future.

    “The Tampere metropolitan area now has excellent opportunities to travel easily and quickly around the world, as airBaltic opens seven direct flights to Central Europe in one go and sets up a base at our airport. Thanks to our investment program implemented a few years ago, the airport's capacity has been increased, traffic conditions have been developed and the environmental impact has been reduced. It is nice and smooth to travel from Tampere-Pirkkala Airport”, says Mari Nurminen, Regional Director of Central and Eastern Finland and Tampere-Pirkkala Airport Manager, Finavia.

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