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    Tampere region strengthens its investment in the chip industry

    petri rasanen 07
    Picture: The Council of Tampere region, photographer: Rami Marjamäki

    Petri Räsänen will start as program director of chip technology at Business Tampere on August 14th. Räsänen's first task is to compile a program that strengthens the position of the Tampere region in chip technology.

    The goal is that by the end of this decade, we will have a significant European chip expertise center in the Tampere region, which includes design, manufacturing and strong research and development activities, says Petri Räsänen.

    Currently, chips are largely designed in the United States and manufactured in Taiwan. The European Union wants to strengthen the continent's self-sufficiency in chips. Finland aims to become a leading European country in chip know-how. "We want to be a strong player in this value chain," Räsänen sums up.

    Petri Räsänen has worked at The Council of Tampere Region as head of Innovation and future work and at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland as head of the digital policy team. Chips have also been a clear part of the current professional agenda. "After all, this job is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. It combines technological, business, social and global political work," says Räsänen.

    Petri is an excellent choice for the demanding position of program director. He has versatile technology expertise, good business contacts and knowledge of various development and financial instruments both nationally and internationally. Apart from the actual chip program, Petri's policy and programming expertise will benefit the company also in many other development areas now and in the future, says Harri Airaksinen, CEO of Business Tampere.

    Microchips are used in everyday life and in many industries. Chips are used, for example, in mobile phones, mobile phone networks and cars, but also in high-tech security devices.

    Further information:
    Harri Airaksinen, CEO, Business Tampere


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