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    Tampere has won a significant international technology competition at the Barcelona Smart City World Congress

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    Representatives of Tampere-based companies, City of Tampere, and stakeholders received the award in Barcelona on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

    The organizers of the competition evaluated the City of Tampere as a pioneer in the solutions that enable many use cases for the city's intelligent data center, IoT platform, benefiting both citizens and businesses.

    The victory at the world's largest smart city event came in the category of enabling technologies, among Taiwanese and Spanish finalists. You can read more of the criteria of the competition from the website of City of Tampere.

    Tampere was awarded for its versatile ways of utilizing intelligent technology to make the lives of citizens and businesses smoother. The competition presentation highlighted the many use cases of the city's intelligent data center, IoT platform, ranging from security solutions to supporting businesses.

    Tampere's partner in utilizing and developing the IoT platform is Wapice Ltd, and the system is based on Wapice's IoT-TICKET platform.

    Among those receiving the victory in Barcelona were, for example Outi Valkama, the program manager of Tampere's Smart City for Citizens development program, and Teppo Rantanen, the director of the vitality and competitiveness service area. A group of companies from the Tampere city region, city representatives, and Business Tampere experts who were involved in building the winning presentation are representing Tampere in the congress.

    Markku Niemi, the program director of Business Tampere's smart city development, and Kristian Valkama, the program director of digital transformation were delighted with the attention received for their long-term collaboration.

    "This is a great result of collaboration between multiple actors. Wapice is largely the technical implementer of these award-winning services and systems. The development work has been made possible by the Smart City for Citizens development program coordinated by the city and Business Tampere," said the two in a joint comment from Barcelona.

    The fact that Tampere had reached the finals of the international competition for the third time, with the first victory, is evidence of the long-term work for an intelligent urban environment.

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