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The Tampere Region, or Pirkanmaa in Finnish, comprises of 22 municipalities with more than 512,000 residents in total. The area is fairly densely populated, with more than twice the average population density in Finland.

The region hosts a great deal of industry and service businesses, and the City of Tampere is a major hub for the Finnish ICT industry.The Tampere sub-region consists of several cities and municipalities surrounding Tampere. In all, the Tampere sub-region has nearly 400,000 residents.

As the city region and each municipality in it are growing, the region has virtually grown together. Many of the municipal borders are virtually invisible nowadays. Regardless of this growth each municipality in the Tampere region (Tampere, Kangasala, Orivesi, Pirkkala, Lempäälä, Vesilahti, Nokia, Ylöjärvi) has maintained its unique flavour. 

You can find detailed information about all 8 municipalities from the Business Tampere municipalities section by clicking here: municipalities. If you are interested about the business lots and sites of these specified municipalities, you may find more info about them by clicking this link: business lots.

The public transportation system has wide services in the city of Tampere and the neighboring municipalities. Train fare from Lempäälä takes less than 10 minutes, and from Nokia roughly 15 minutes. In the future inner city inhabitants may also ride the Tampere tram. And for car owners — if you don’t mind driving in the middle of the tramworks, there are plenty of parking opportunities in the city centre. 


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