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    Specma concentrates logistics operations in the Tampere Region

    Specman edustajat työmaakäynnillä Pirkkalan Linnakalliossa

    Specma Oy, a subsidiary of a leading Nordic hydraulics company has chosen the Tampere Region as the location of its logistics operations. The reasons: customers are close and both domestic and foreign connections are good.

    Specma CEO Tove Seppelin-Högnabba and Sales Manager Jukka Kivipuro are excited about the company’s new premises in the Linnakallio district of Pirkkala.

    – Modern, comfortable and visible from afar, says Kivipuro.

    – The storage, production, sales and office facilities will all be located in the new centre, which will ensure the practicality and efficiency of our entire operation, notes Seppelin-Högnabba.

    Specma Tove Seppelin-Högnabba Jukka Kivipuro
    Tove Seppelin-Högnabba and Jukka Kivipuro visiting the construction site, May 2019.

    The Specma logistics centre will occupy 3200 square meters of the new building in Linnakallio. With a high ceiling (up to 11 metres) the new premises will enable  modern storage automation and control systems as well as efficient use of space.

    Specma Group is a subsidiary of Hydra-Grene, the largest specialist hydraulics player in the Nordics. Specma Oy finds most of its customers in Finland, but merchandise will be delivered from Pirkkala globally.

    Competition on the international market demands constant improvement of efficiency in services. That’s why Specma is satisfied to find that investing in the Tampere Region was considered important also at the group level.

    – For us the new logistics centre is an enabler of growth and success, Seppelin-Högnabba summarises.

    Tampere Region is close to the customers

    Specma is equally well known among large machine constructing businesses and among individual contractors. The company offers comprehensive know-how in all hydraulics, pneumatics and lubrication systems, components and services.

    – Our growth during the last few years led us to search for larger premises for our logistics operations. We chose the Tampere Region because of its central location in Finland, Seppelin-Högnabba says.

    – The Tampere Region is traditionally a centre of machine industry and hydraulics, which is another reason why we wanted to strengthen our services here, Kivipuro continues.

    Good connections were the attraction of Pirkkala

    Business Tampere offered Specma an easy access to the region by researching the available locations for the company. Several alternatives were inspected, and Linnakallio in Pirkkala turned out to satisfy best both Specma’s schedule requirements and the needs for good transport connections.

    – Linnakallio is close to the Tampere city centre, the highway to Helsinki and the airport. Thus we can ensure the seamless working of both domestic and foreign connections, says Seppelin-Högnabba.

    Tampere Region was also able to offer local partners with good references. Especially Specma wants to thank Meijou, a company responsible for building the premises, for its flexibility and professionalism.


    • Specma Oy is part of Specma Group, since 2016 a subsidiary of the Danish Hydra-Grene A/S, leading hydraulics company in the Nordics.
    • HydraSpecma Group is owned by the industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co, which makes long-term investments in leading companies and develops them actively.
    • Specma was founded in Sweden in 1918 as Specialmaskiner AB.
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