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    Minna Kinnunen starts as the head of AI and analytics at Smart Tampere

    AI teemapaallikko
    AI teemapaallikko 1
    Photo: Laura Vanzo

    Minna Kinnunen has started as the new head of the artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics theme of Smart Tampere. The theme was launched in 2018. This year it will focus for example on projects that create real added value for customers and businesses by utilizing artificial intelligence.

    Kinnunen has worked earlier for example for Nokia, Microsoft and Qvantel in Finland and in Germany. Thus, she has an excellent base to lead the theme. Different international projects has brought her wide understanding of the potential of robotics and AI as business drivers. Now it is time to utilize this knowledge for the benefit of Tampere Region.

    It is great to be able to collaborate with your hometown actors, and help companies develop their business with artificial intelligence, says Minna Kinnunen.

    Although the theme started up last year, it is still at the beginning of its life cycle. The focus is now on identifying and bringing together the relevant actors. The cooperation launched last year with Finland’s first AI Hub and AI mornings at Kampusklubi will be continued. The aim is not only to create a network, but also to lower the threshold of utilizing artificial intelligence. Support for the first steps can be provided for example through various experiments and projects.

    It is important to get started with some concrete implementation and get experience that encourages you, says Kinnunen.

    The activities of the theme are presented on the more detailed AI and analytics page at smarttampere.fi. We welcome businesses of all sizes and ages, regardless of industry, to take part in the actions. Interest in artificial intelligence and its utilization is all that is needed. So, please feel free to contact us if you want to participate in making Tampere as the world’s best artificial intelligence expertise center!

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