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    LYGG opens a flight connection from Tampere to Stockholm

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    The direct flight connection from Tampere-Pirkkala to Stockholm opens on August 14. The company is currently negotiating other route openings.

    The direct flight from Tampere to Stockholm, aimed at business customers, will be flown daily from Monday to Friday to Stockholm's Bromma Airport. The schedule is designed to serve business travelers in particular. LYGG, which calls itself the "Uber of aviation", bases its operations on optimizing demand, and the route is flown with planes that have 8-33 seats, depending on the booking status.

    "Once the route is open, we can easily increase flights or the capacity of the plane as the number of customers increases. Our model is always based on the fact that we book the size of the plane as needed and the number of times we fly, for example, during a week or a day," says LYGG CEO Roope Kekäläinen.

    "The Tampere - Stockholm route will not be the last launch of the year," promises Kekäläinen. "The opening of new routes is currently being prepared for LYGG", he continues.

    The company is waiting for the launch of emission-free aircraft fleet and plans to introduce electric aircraft in the future. Electric airplanes are particularly suitable for short, direct routes, such as Tampere - Stockholm. You can already make reservations for the new route, and LYGG's app will help you move forward. The new app is now available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play.

    "The Stockholm connection has a long history, and the demand has never dropped. Such openings are important for the Tampere region and we warmly welcome LYGG to Tampere-Pirkkala airport. With the connection, our region will be even more accessible," says Business Tampere's director of investments and international operations, Harri Ojala.

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    +358 40 762 3784

    Heli Thorén
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