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    Ylöjärvi is a strong environment for business operations and well-known as a business-friendly location. Ylöjärvi is also an attractive residential town and famous for providing excellent services for its 33 000 inhabitants. The town is growing rapidly.

    The most significant employers in the area are industry, health and social services, wholesale and retail market and construction.

    Ylöjärvi has a versatile selection of business plots to offer and also several different location options for commercial and industrial operators to choose from.

    More information about business sites in Ylöjärvi:

    Timo Isolähteenmäki
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    Inkeri Remsu
    Ylöjärvi Business Service
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    Existing, new or expanding business areas

    Existing business areas may have individual plots or business premises available or soon to be available.

    Elovainio is a highly visible business area with good accessibility. The Elovainio plots are planned for industry, SMEs and commercial services. The logistical location of the area is excellent: right next to Vaasantie.

    Commerce, service production and industrial operations are the largest employers in the area. The commercial operations in the area are focused around the two shopping centres, Elo and Ilo, where a large-scale retailer and special clothing and furniture stores are located. The area is also home to Ylöjärvi Education Centre Valo. In the near future, the area will expand towards the north. The area covers a total of 540 hectares and some 300 companies are located there.


    Kolmenkulma is a business area focused on logistics, production and service provision in Ylöjärvi, Nokia and Tampere. Kolmenkulma is located along the western bypass road to Tampere. The connections to the area are excellent. Kolmenkulma is an ideal solution for a logistics or industrial company that values the excellent location of the area.

    In 2005, the cities of Tampere, Nokia and Ylöjärvi entered into regional co-operation and launched a large-scale business area project. As a result, the Kolmenkulma business area, the largest business area in the region, was established. The area covers more than 600 hectares. The name of the area, ‘three corners’, refers to its location at the intersection of three highways and three municipalities.

    Together with the business areas that are already constructed, Kolmenkulma forms a business hub of more than 850 hectares. The new area is expected to create more than 10,000 new jobs.

    The area is intended to be used for: logistics, specialised retail, large-scale retail, service station operations, industry that produces no environmental disturbance, heavy industry, recycling and environmental industry.

    Further information:

    In terms of traffic and logistics, the location of the Siltatie business area plots is excellent: the plots are located in Ylöjärvi, at the end of the southern bypass road along Uusi-Kuruntie. The plots are intended for small and medium-sized companies.

    The Teivo II business area is excellently located in terms of logistics on the municipal border between Ylöjärvi and Tampere in the area between Vaasantie and the railway near the Teivo trotting-track. The public transport access to the area is excellent and about 20,000 cars drive past the area along Vaasantie every day. The area has been planned for the use of industrial production and business premises.

    An industrial area particularly focused on automation and metal industry.

    Enquire after available plots and business premises.

    The connection to the Teivo Business Park is excellent and the visibility of the area is good. The park is located along Vaasantie in the proximity of the municipal border between Tampere and Ylöjärvi. Sukkamestarit Oy, the largest sock factory in Finland, is the most prominent operator in the area. Another company of national importance located in the area is the performing arts’ company Akun Tehdas.

    The area is intended to be used for: Office space and business construction.

    Enquire after available plots and business premises.

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