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Updated on 24.07.2020

Ylöjärvi is a strong environment for business operations and well-known as a business-friendly location. Ylöjärvi is also an attractive residential town and famous for providing excellent services for its 33 000 inhabitants. The town is growing rapidly.

The most significant employers in the area are industry, health and social services, wholesale and retail market and construction.

Ylöjärvi has a versatile selection of business plots to offer and also several different location options for commercial and industrial operators to choose from.

More information about business sites in Ylöjärvi:

Timo Isolähteenmäki
Ylöjärvi Business Service
tel. +358 50 351 6507

Inkeri Remsu
Ylöjärvi Business Service
tel. +358 44 423 5233


Existing, new or expanding business areas

Existing business areas may have individual plots or business premises available or soon to be available.

More information

Vähämaa Raimo Business Tampere

Raimo Vähämaa

Senior business advisor, relocation services

+358 50 505 2228
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