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    Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) for companies

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    Business Tampere and Visit Tampere are closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus on business life and tourism. From this page you will find information, webinars and useful links. This page is being updated.


    Due to coronavirus all public events of more than 10 people will be cancelled until the end of May. If your consumer event or your corporate event in the Business Tampere event calendar is cancelled, please notify us about it at


    Update 30.3.2020

    Coronavirus significantly impacting event activities in the Tampere region.

    You can request a payment arrangement for your company with eased terms starting 25 March.

    Notice period for temporary lay-offs and the duration of co-operation negotiations will be shortened due to COVID-19.

    Meal benefits can be temporarily used for delivery costs.

    Government increases business financing due to COVID-19 and provides EUR 1 billion in direct subsidies.

    Restaurants closed to customers, ordering takeaway permitted.

    Movement restrictions to Uusimaa - the Government decided on further measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

    Decree submitted to Parliament on the use of powers concerning the obligation to work under the Emergency Powers Act.

    Business Tampere webinar about crisis funding for companies can be seen on YouTube. The webinar is in Finnish.


    Update on 23rd of March

    The Finnish Government has proposed extensive economic measures to minimize the impact of the coronavirus epidemic. The overall scale of the measures will be approximately EUR 15 billion.

    The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment will receive EUR 50 million for business development grants. The aim is to launch a grant application on week 13 with a separate call for applications on the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment website.

    On Wednesday 25th of March Business Tampere and partners organize a crisis finance information webinar for companies operating in Tampere region. The webinar will provide an overview of the business services, financial instruments and guidance in this exceptional situation. It will be streamed live and saved on Business Tampere YouTube channel. The webinar will be in Finnish.

    Entrepreneurs and freelancers will also temporarily be covered by unemployment benefits. Read an article by Suomen Yrittäjät about how your situation as a sole entrepreneur will be made easier.


    Update on 19th of March

    The Government has decided to begin restricting cross-border traffic at Finland’s borders starting on Thursday 19 March at midnight. Border-crossing points will be closed and border controls will be reintroduced. Freight and goods traffic will continue at all borders. Necessary travel for work is still possible and continues within the EU's internal borders. This will ensure access to everyday goods and medicines, and will not lead to society and the economy shutting down.

    Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus, the Tax Administration will ease the terms of payment arrangements for the time being. In addition, the Ministry of Finance is preparing a legislative amendment that will temporarily lower late-payment interest rates for taxes in a payment arrangement.


    Update on 18th of March

    Finland is closing its borders and suspending travel to Finland.

    Business Finlands funding for business develompent in disruptive circumstances opens on Thursday 19th of March.


    Update on 17th of March

    Government policy recommendations for providers of early childhood education and care, pre-primary education, primary and lower secondary education, general upper secondary education, vocational education, higher education, liberal education and basic art education in order to slow down the spread of coronavirus infections.

    The City of Tampere  will adopt a management system for disruptions and emergency situations. This allows the mayor to make quick decisions in an emergency.

    Coronavirus has effected aviation strongly after many countries have restrained traveling to their area. Most airline traffic will be cancelled for about a month starting from 17.3. Airline and travel agency customer services have congested and the customers are asked to contact by phone only if the traveling is scheduled in the next three days. Customers are asked to follow their airlanes/travel agencys website and social media for more information.  Asiakkaita pyydetään seuraamaan oman lentoyhtiön/matkatoimiston tiedotusta nettisivuilta sekä sosiaalisesta mediasta. Finavia news about adjusting air traffic.

    Therefor coronavirus affects also the aviation at Tampere-Pirkkala airport. Read more:  SAS - Scandinavian Airlines, airBaltic and Finnair

    Coronavirus and train travel: VR’s information and FAQ about coronavirus and rail travel on their website.

    Business FInland launches new funding services to companies to help them tackle the impacts of coronavirus. Read more (in Finnish).


    Update on 16th of March:

    The Bank of Finland helps companies with a crisis package. The total amount of the package in 500 million euros.

    The spread of corona virus has an effect on flight connections from Tampere-Pirkkala airport. SAS - Scandinavian Airlines,  airBaltic and Finnair have announced canceling some or all of their international flights for the next few weeks.

    Business Finland helps companies by continuing their funding.

    The Finnish Tax Administration helps companies in this exceptional situation. Follow their website and news for more information.


    Education and webinars


    Webinar on business impacts of the coronavirus

    See a webinar organized by the Team Finland network on 25 February 2020. Speakers: Ambassador Jarno Syrjälä, Embassy of Finland, Trade Commissioner Grace Wang, Business Finland, Senior Vice President Xiaofeng Liang, Metso, Managing Director Caroline Xue, Marja Kurki Fashion, Chairman of the Board Juha Tuominen, Finnish Business Council Beijing, Second Secretary Trade and Economy Hannakaisa Andersson, Embassy of Finland. See also the webinar presentations slides.. Webinar presentation slides.


    In Finnish:

    Tietoisku: Kaikki koronasta yrittäjälle (all about coronavirus for an entrepreneur)

    Webinars about coronavirus in Finnish. Webinars are saved and sent to all who have registered.



    Useful links




    What to do if you have to cancel your event? A short memo for event organizers


    • Share a lot of information! 

    Tell is your event taking place or not. If you haven't decided yet, tell when you will inform about it. The best way to inform about cancellations especially on short notice is by sms combined with more information by email.


    • Delete your event from event calendars and websites

    You can also add the message "CANCELLED" to your event title. MAke sure you check all your social media channels.


    • Close the registration or ticket sale


    • Refund payments according to cancellation policy

    Inform clearly about the refund for ticket buyers.


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