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StepOne Tech is motivated by making a positive impact on the world

StepOne Tech Oy is a cleantech company based in Pirkkala, Finland, and founded in 2012. The company develops solutions to replace the fossil fuels used in cars, motorcycles and other vehicles with bioethanol.

“Tampere has an active, vibrant and dynamic start-up community”

Balance point method Oy is a wellness company offering new types of body care exercises. The concept behind the Tampere start-up community has already been quoted domestically, so the next step is to expand into larger markets.

Blog: Safety and security greetings – What will happen next?

Within the past year, Tampere Region has taken a great leap forward in making its safety and security competence visible...

Blog: Safety and security greetings – What is new in the field

Tampere Region has strong and multidisciplinary safety and security competence, as we already mentioned in connection with the safety and...

Blog: Safety and security greetings – Home and abroad

We, residents of Tampere Region, are not only innovative developers of new products and services but also quick to apply...

Blog: Safety and security greetings – Back to the basics

Awareness of the present state plays a key role in understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses. At the same time,...

Blog: Safety and security greetings – Keys to success

The autumn has got off to a flying start in terms of safety and security. In early August, we received...

Business Mentoring Program – APPLY NOW!

Business Mentoring Programme is benchmarking of the Rotterdam Business Case, where university student with fresh ideas and practical approach together with experienced senior mentor is helping entrepreneur to develop his/her business. The selection process for the new round starting in November is active in September. Be fast and apply now - participation are prioritized by the application date.
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