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    Intel imaging in Tampere, Finland

    The Intel Tampere site is a part of the global Intel R&D network. Jarno Nikkanen, Liisa Peltonen and Jukka Yrjänäinen will answer some questions about the imaging activities in Tampere – work that is integrating camera technology into our daily life in more ways than most of us can imagine.

    What does Intel do?

    – Intel is one of the largest technology companies in the world and best known for the processors – but it does a lot more on a very broad scope of products and services. In practice Intel technologies are a part of everyday life of many people without them even realizing it.

    What is the focus of the Tampere site? 

    – In short, we develop and productize various solutions that make use of camera technology and imaging. We are present everywhere in so many ways: like when someone takes pictures of the first steps of one’s child and tells the news via Skype, we might have had our hands in it to make it possible. And these are just the most obvious examples, cameras are nowadays increasingly used in all areas of life.

    – The Tampere site is a part of the Intel R&D network, a global organization on which the sun never sets, as they say.

    Why Tampere?

    – The Tampere site was established in 2011 as a result of three things mainly: there were right people with suitable educational and professional backgrounds, there was the local imaging ecosystem and the timing was right.

    – All three of us (and many other professionals in the Tampere Region!) have a work history in Nokia; Nokia and Intel had projects in cooperation and the mutual trust ensued from them.

    – As Intel was ramping up its mobile offering, Tampere was identified as the key location that had the necessary competences available in the diverse fields of mobile technology, and a new site was established. In the imaging area this included exceptional competences in camera SW, algorithms and image quality.

    What’s particularly strong in Tampere? 

    – The people! If we think back to the earlier days of the imaging ecosystem, we note the research carried out in the Tampere University of Technology and the enormous investments Nokia made in imaging technologies in this area. There is a long history of building the competence, and it wouldn’t have happened without the people who are proud of their excellence and who know what it is worth in a global scale.

    – We have quite an international bunch of people working here. Our local work culture is based on honesty and responsibility – we don’t just say we can do things but we really have the expertise, and we are willing to go the extra mile when it is needed to achieve goals. 

    Could you give us some examples of the local cooperation?

    – The universities in Tampere are interesting partners for us. We are also interested in supporting the Tampere imaging ecosystem and we welcome all players to join it. Even if some of them are competing with Intel, the more there are activities in this area, the better for all parties.

    Jarno Nikkanen,Jukka Yrjänäinen and Liisa Peltonen from Intel
    Jarno Nikkanen, Jukka Yrjänäinen and Liisa Peltonen from Intel Tampere imaging team. Photo: Intel photobank

    Meet the people

    Dr. Jarno Nikkanen, Intel Principal Engineer (PE) & Imaging Technology Architect

    – I am the main technical leader for Intel camera control algorithms, responsible for the technical direction and research leadership among other things. I also established and managed the original Intel imaging team in this technology area before moving to technical leader position.

    – I received my M.Sc. and Dr.Sc.Tech. degrees from Tampere University of Technology in 2001 and 2013, respectively, with subjects in Signal Processing and Software Systems.

    – In my free time I practice actively various martial arts such as judo and taekwondo, standard and Latin ballroom dancing, photography – and I like to build things. And much more if time allows!

    Liisa Peltonen, Director and Senior Manager at Intel's Imaging and Camera group

    – I’m responsible for imaging algorithms and camera software development organization in Finland. I’ve been at Intel Finland since 2011 and established the original camera software organization here in Tampere.

    – I’ve received my M.Sc in Computing Science from University of Tampere and I’ve got extensive industry experience.

    –  I’m also an avid alpine climber and have scaled rock faces from Yosemite to Northern Norway.

    Jukka Yrjänäinen, Site Manager of Intel Tampere, Leader of the global Imaging Tools and Solution Team

    – As a Site Manager I am responsible of the operations to ensure smooth local environment for our R&D activities. However, the main part of my time is consumed as a Leader for international team developing imaging related SW tools for our customers.

    – After studies at the Tampere University of Technology I started my imaging related career in designing video signal processing algorithms for analog TVs back in 1992, followed by many positions in various technical and management roles.

    – In my free time I do like to read a lot and on my bed side table one can find anything from science fiction to Soren Kierkegaard. When time allows I can be also located on judo tatami or at sport shooting range.

    What is the best thing that has happened in your line of work so far?

    – Jukka: The fact that I have been working with many excellent people in such fine teams. Also, that I have made my contribution to creating jobs in the Tampere region – together with many, many others.

    – Liisa: I think, being there and part of it when cameras have become so ubiquitous and everyday items worldwide. Our local ecosystem has had a major impact on that, and I’ve contributed to the building this ecosystem.

    – Jarno: It is really something to have seen the early days of camera phones and be still involved in the developments of today. Also the fact that there are things I’ve been working on now in the hands of millions of people. We have all lived through a very interesting technological change.

    Author: Päivi Stenroos

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