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    Accelerating the development of new connectivity solutions

    Connectivity Ecosystem

    The Connectivity ecosystem's goal is to speed up the development of new network solutions to enable businesses to develop new globally scalable products and services in the Tampere Region. The ecosystem activities are aimed at SMEs, large enterprises and research institutions.

    Towards globally scalable, pioneering products and services

    High-quality wireless and wired connectivity is a prerequisite for digital solutions and smart city applications. Various connections, such as 5G and LoRA technology, form a foundation that facilitates digitisation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    The connectivity ecosystem accelerates the development of new connectivity solutions, thus enabling companies to develop new, globally scalable, pioneering products and services.

    New services and experiments provide knowledge and practical experience and contribute to the digitalsation and carbon neutrality goals of the City of Tampere.

    Tampere is recognised as a center of excellence in wireless technology

    The Tampere region has a solid knowledge base and unique ability to create world-class innovations. Traditionally, the strength of the Tampere region has been the development of applications using, in particular, wireless technologies.

    Did you know that;

    • The world’s first camera phone, developed in Tampere, set new standards for cellular data transmission capabilities,
    • Tampere was one of the first in the world to define and develop mobile data communication capabilities (GSM data, GPRS, 3G) and Wi-Fi in the 1990s,
    • Integration of WiFi into a mobile phone (Nokia Communicator 9500) was first established in Tampere.

    The upcoming 5G network will for example allow the development of autonomous machines, various artificial intelligence applications and automated traffic.


    VIDEO: What is the Connectivity Ecosystem all about?

    Watch the video to learn what the top specialists have to say about the Tampere city region as the Center of Excellence in wireless networks and mobile technologies and as as a business location.

    Tampere Region as a business location

    Talking points

    Connectivity is one of the themes of the Smart Tampere programme

    Smart Tampere is the strategic development programme of the City of Tampere for 2017–2021. The programme is building a sustainable and smart Tampere region in which housing, living and mobility are carbon neutral and in which services are user-oriented and work digitally and flexibly.

    Communications networks and wireless connections serve as a central platform for the smart city, enabling the efficiency of the operating environment and the development of services.

    The City of Tampere needs the vision, skills and solutions of companies to build a truly intelligent urban environment. The Smart Tampere Ecosystem programme opens up parts of the urban environment as test platforms to enable joint development work on these new, globally scalable solutions.

    Artificial intelligence as a business asset

    Did you know that there are already over 4500 people working in the field of artificial intelligence in the Tampere Region, and the number is rising fast. Tampere AI ecosystem brings together artificial intelligence expertise and supports regional AI activities. Tampere Automotive Cluster, Tampere Imaging Ecosystem and AI ecosystem are examples of open business and innovation communities powered by Business Tampere, the regional economic development agency. Visit website for more.

    Tampere city region is an important forerunner in the field of intelligent transport

    Urbanisation and growing traffic volumes create new challenges and opportunities for transport. ITS Factory is an innovation, experimentation, and development environment co-operated by the City of Tampere and companies from relevant sectors. ITS Factory community seeks solutions for mobility challenges through close co-operation of the public and private sectors. Learn more.

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    Contact the Business Tampere advisors to learn more about the business community, the companies and other actors involved, and how to become a member.

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