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    Chips from Tampere

    Tampere - European Chip Centre of Excellence

    Microchips are a central component of the growth and competitiveness of businesses in Europe and Tampere. The city of Tampere boasts global expertise, particularly in the design of system-on-chip (SoC) and the development and manufacturing of photonic semiconductors. Tampere is a focal point for growing companies in the field, cutting-edge research, and specialized training programs for industry experts. Together, these elements form the European Chip Centre of Excellence for Microchip Technology in Tampere.

    The Chips Competence Centre and SIPFAB Pilot Line

    Chip design is the most economically viable and knowledge-intensive area of the chip value chain. Together with our partners, we aim to establish a Chips Competence Centre  in Finland that accelerates the digitalization of various industries through chip technology. The Competence Centre would support the development of innovative chips tailored to the needs of different sectors, thereby increasing the demand for chips.

    In addition to the Competence Centre, an open SIPFAB (System in a Package) pilot line will be established in Tampere, where new chip systems will be developed and tested in collaboration with companies. SIPFAB enables the agile creation and experimentation of environmentally friendly, customized, and packaged chip systems. Integration and packaging enhance the functionalities of chip systems and expand the possibilities of technology in demanding applications.

    Education and Research Alongside Businesses

    In the European Union, there are 8,000 professionals in chip design, of which over 500, or just over six percent, work in Tampere. A significant part of the chip development of Nokia, the third largest user of chips in the EU, is located in Tampere. Alongside Nokia, units of Microsoft and the leading European design service company, Nordic Semiconductors, are also located in Tampere.

    Tampere University is the largest chip technology educator in Finland. Some of its key research and teaching environments include the System-on-Chip (SoC) HUB for developing system-on-chip circuits, the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), and the Laboratory for Future Electronics.

    Tampere has formed a strong cluster of companies producing and applying photonic systems, semiconductors, and laser technology, known as the Laser Valley. Key globally operating companies in Laser Valley include Modulight, Schott, Coherent, Optofidelity, and Vexlum.

    Chips from Finland

    Expertise in chip design, telecommunications, photonics, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing in Tampere, Espoo, Oulu, and Joensuu forms the foundation for cutting-edge technology in Finland, upon which Finland’s status as a global leader in expertise is built.

    The semiconductor industry is globally a business worth approximately 600 billion euros, with chip-related revenue in the Pirkanmaa region alone amounting to hundreds of millions of euros.

    In 2021, 1.1 trillion microchips were produced worldwide, equating to 140 chips for every person on the planet. These chips enable all modern data processing, from artificial intelligence to telecommunications, and can be found in all smartphones, home appliances, cars, and key infrastructures.

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