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Within the past year, Tampere Region has taken a great leap forward in making its safety and security competence visible and taking concrete actions with companies and other actors. The work will continue in terms of urban safety and security as well as the safety and security needs and business opportunities of companies.

The City of Tampere’s SURE project for the development of urban and event security started on 1 September 2019. The project aims to enhance the security of the people living in and visiting Tampere by developing and piloting smart safety and security solutions associated with an urban environment with a large number of events. Solutions like a training and simulation platform enable better preparation for the safety risks associated with events.

During the past year, our understanding of the safety and security ecosystem has become significantly more detailed. In spite of this, we noticed the need for a deeper analysis. In particular, we want to understand the needs and offerings of various actors in more detail. We also want to determine the needs of companies for shared actions, such as joint projects, on a concrete level.

In addition to the analysis, presentation materials highlighting the strengths of the ecosystem will be produced for marketing the region’s safety and security competence. The materials will be made freely available. We will also survey the success stories of safety and security companies and other actors in the region. The purpose is to make the city region’s strong competence in the sector known both nationally and especially internationally. If you have a success story that you believe would suit this purpose, please contact me.

In the spring, we studied the Internet-of-Things-related cyber security needs of actors in the industry and critical infrastructure. Later in the autumn, we intend to continue with the same theme: what kind of value can be generated by bringing together companies involved in industrial safety and those involved in cyber and data security? The goal is to promote joint projects from activation all the way to preparing project applications.

As the end of the year is approaching, we are already preparing for actions to be taken next year. In addition to the aforementioned actions, we will be promoting the creation of product and service solutions. For example, we intend to use agile experiments for developing trailblazing solutions in safety and security that are suitable for deployment and scalable.


Let’s be careful out there!

…and be sure to register for the Safety and Security Research Symposium which is being held on 10 October!


The “Safety and security greetings” blog posts cover the activities under the Smart Tampere programme’s smart safety and security theme.

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