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    AI Finland 2020 connects companies and research in Tampere on September 30th

    Tampere AI 2020

    AI Finland 2020 is an international event focusing on sustainable intelligent manufacturing and company-research collaboration – in order to support the R&D and commercialization of Finnish AI. The goal of the event is to create a concept, AI Finland, that annually connects companies with the best research in different themes and regions. The AI Finland event kicks-off from Tampere, the heart of the Finnish manufacturing industry.

    Artificial intelligence is already part of our daily lives. As the amount of data and technologies evolve, countless opportunities open up for new artificial intelligence solutions and their applications. Finland has excellent starting points to benefit from this transformation – it is estimated that artificial intelligence will provide Finland with the most significant economic growth potential after the United States. In order to realize this potential, Finland must be able to learn quickly and apply wisely new technologies. Close company-research cooperation is a key aid in this.

    Due to corona virus situation in spring, the event was postponed to fall, and AI Finland 2020 event will be organized in September 30th. It brings together companies and top research and to support research, development and commercialization of Finnish artificial intelligence. The goal of the event is to create a concept, AI Finland, that annually connects companies with the best research in different themes and regions.

    We hope the event will inspire new companies across the country to join an already extensive and active pool of artificial intelligence appliers and companies, and to further university collaboration with businesses, says AI Business Program Manager Outi Keski-Äijö from Business Finland.

    The event will tour around Finland’s artificial intelligence cities and is now being held for the first time in Tampere, in the heart of Finnish industry. Tampere’s industrial history and long tradition in software development have created a fertile ground for the emergence of industrial artificial intelligence innovations and network. These lessons and knowledge on sustainable intelligent manufacturing will be shared at AI Finland 2020.

    You are welcome to network and hear what is going on in the hottest Finnish AI startups, industry and research. The conference is aimed specifically at companies and researchers interested in artificial intelligence, but is open to anyone interested in the topic. The event is held in English and free-of-charge, but requires registration.

    Please pre-register to the event by Sept. 18th, 2020. Program and registration at the event page:

    Join inhouse or online – but don’t miss the opportunity to attend this event!


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