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Tampere for investors

Tampere is the second largest urban area in Finland – compact but also big enough for exciting things to happen and for great investment opportunities.

Internet of Tampere

In Tampere you will find a unique culture of open innovation between companies, universities, research institutes and the city. In Tampere team work isn’t just words on paper, it’s real.

City of Development

The new skyline is growing fast in the very heart of the city. Around Tampere railway station, you can put your finger on the dynamic pulse of business.

Facts and figures

Around two-thirds of Finland’s economic activity is concentrated within a two-hour drive from Tampere.

Global Reach

The Tampere Region is located in the northern end of the metropolitan area, in the middle of busiest part of Finland. The location is optimal at the crossroads of logistic routes, most important motorways and railways in Finland.

Trade & logistics

Tampere City Region is a traffic hub, growth centre and industrial cluster, where municipalities actively offer good locations for companies. Tampere City Region is the second largest growth centre in Finland, and it is preparing for continued population growth.

Finland facts

We take pride in being a bit quirky, and prefer actions to words. We say what we do and do what we say. That’s why Finland is the most functional country in the world, and the Finnish handshake the most reliable. Why not give it a try?

Finland – the place for advanced IT

Finland has much to offer for international investors and companies in the ICT sector, including first-rate availability of talented and qualified ICT engineers, and easy access to public R&D funding and development networks. 

Quality of life

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world with exeptional education level, good housing conditions, high quality of living environment and strong sence of community. In addition, the government has a social responsibility to take care of its citizens and provide comprehensive public services. 
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