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    Intelligent Organization event series

    Data, analytics and artificial intelligence are delivering competitive advantages for a growing number of organizations. Investing in these capabilities is an investment in a brighter future. Join our Intelligent Organization event series to discover new opportunities and develop your know-how in harnessing data and AI.

    Intelligent Organization is a free-to-attend series of events coordinated by Business Tampere. Event content is brought to you in collaboration with members of the Tampere AI ecosystem and other selected partners. Commencing in November 2022, the event series will run until the end of 2024.


    Key objectives for the event series include:

    • increasing awareness of the potential and benefits of data analytics, data-driven decision-making, and artificial intelligence
    • introducing approaches and models to get started with AI
    • supporting organizations’ abilities to source and use AI-driven solutions
    • providing a comprehensive picture of the competencies and roles required to develop or acquire AI solutions
    • developing an understanding of AI lifecycle management
    • showcasing the development path of AI products from idea to solution as a part of the R&D process
    • discussing key questions relating to Intellectual Property Rights, ethics, and privacy considerations of Artificial Intelligence

    Past Events

    At the event, Silo AI presented various practical examples of the use of artificial intelligence through its various customer projects. The presented projects covered e.g. energy optimization, self-driving cars, paper industry and port customers.

    In this seminar we explored how artificial intelligence and machine learning can boost the circular economy journey of different organisations and how these technologies support building truly scalable solutions to nowadays problems and opportunities.

    The course taught the basic principles, terminology and methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The course also covered the special features of implementing an artificial intelligence/data project. Learning was deepened with examples of how business problems can be solved with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The breakfast event was designed especially for companies operating in the industrial sector that are interested in the possibilities of artificial intelligence in their business.

    The topics at Berggren’s event were: IP protection of AI solutions, especially patenting and legal aspects of AI solutions (contracts, data ownership, open source code)

    In the event, the various ways of promoting artificial intelligence solutions were approached through expert talks and the AI-Champions through the business cases implemented in the project.

    This event provided ideas for utilizing data analytics and artificial intelligence in manufacturing production. The topic was described from different perspectives, both technically, economically and business-wise. Using real-life case examples, I illustrated how you can improve your efforts in this area and benefit from your company’s most valuable asset: your data.

    At the Wapice event, the development of data-driven services was explained with the help of examples.

    The event discussed the organizational tensions of artificial intelligence.

    The event discussed CGI’s research and development model, thanks to which CGI’s customers have been able to grow their business and make their operations more efficient.

    The Intelligent organization event series culminated in an event held at the Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference in the spring, which was attended by HeadAI, Unikie, Visy and VTT. Cohumans, IBM, Loihde, TAU and VTT participated in the panel discussion.

    The event introduced an AI-based patenting process tool and the requirements for patenting your own AI solutions. We also learned about growth financing opportunities and funding instrumets for patenting.

    At the event, MarshallAI presented a case example from the manufacturing industry, where a significant increase in production capacity and reduction in waste were achieved in less than two months using MarshallAI’s deep learning platform. Additionally, a practical demo of the MAI platform was held during the event.


    In this event, Tero Ojanperä talked about the dynamic world of AI and how it’s transforming the business landscape.

    Massive AI models generate text, images, music, video, even 3D models in a way that was not previously believed possible for machines. This lecture helped you understand the upheaval initiated by ChatGPT and how your company should approach it.


    In this event, the discussion focused on how artificial intelligence can help companies stay competitive and ensure sustainable growth. Mikko Tikkanen from Fixer of the North introduced the participants to the topic and emphasized the importance of operational efficiency and new innovations in business.


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