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We offer professional services and advice to the Tampere Region companies eg. in financial planning and funding related questions. Read more about our services and contact us!

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Updated on 08.10.2019

General internationalisation advice

If you wish to take your business global but don’t know where to start, this is the right place. Several parties wish to see your business bloom abroad. To get a full picture check out our service providers page.

Business Tampere helps small and medium-sized enterprises plan and implement their international expansion. The internationalization and growth of a company in the Tampere Region is in all our best interest.

Talent Tampere is the networking and matchmaking forum for businesses and international talents in the Tampere region. The network brings together and develops services that enhance co-operation between international talents and companies.

Picks from internationalisation services

The My Enterprise Finland service offers tools to test your internationalization potential or to form an overview of your company´s needs for development.

Business Finland helps Finnish companies in internationalization as well as support and fund innovations. See how Business Finland services can support you during the different stages of internationalization.

Fill out the form to find out the right Team Finland service for your need. You will be contacted within a week. Alternatively you can contact the coordinator in your area or destination country directly.

More information

More information

Hussey Oliver Business Tampere 1

Oliver Hussey

Senior business advisor, technology

+358 40 679 4142
Immonen Niina Business Tampere

Niina Immonen

Director, business service development and business environment

+358 40 821 5113
Ojala Harri Business Tampere

Harri Ojala

Director, invest in and global operations

040 762 3784
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