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    Tampere university community and vocational education

    The Tampere region offers a huge amount of world-class research, know-how and skilled labor. Future talent is secured as every sixth resident in Tampere is a student.

    The people in Tampere Region have a higher level of education than average In Finland. In addition, most migrants moving here either possess or work towards high level education.  Thanks to the Finland’s most diverse university community, the Tampere region offers a huge amount of world-class research, know-how and skilled labor.

    Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences constitute the Tampere university community (TUNI). The new community was created at the beginning of 2019, when the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology merged establishing the new foundation-based Tampere University that maintains close ties with Tampere University of Applied Sciences. All students, staff and alumni are members of the community.

    Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. Almost all internationally recognised fields of study are represented at the university. The strenght lies in the focus areas: technology, health and society and in the mix of them.

    Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences constitute an international and Finland’s most diverse university community. The strength lies in the focus areas: technology, health and society and the amalgamation of them.

    Talent Tampere Student celebrating Vappu 2017 by Laura Vanzo
    Photo: Laura Vanzo

    Cutting-edge competence

    The university community is made up of more than 35,000 students and academic experts. One-third of the students study at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and two-thirds at Tampere University.

    • TAMK welcomes 2,600 and Tampere University 3,000 new students each year.
    • Tampere University awards nearly 4,000 degrees annually. About one-third of them are awarded in technological fields and about a quarter in social sciences.

    Tampere University community comprises more than 35,000 students and academic experts, it welcomes close to 6,000 new students each year.

    Individual, flexible and effective paths to degrees

    Tampere is among the most desired cities for studying in Finland measured by the number of applicants. The fact that the city is alive and beating combined with excellent education possibilities means that Tampere gets the best students each year.

    Tampere University and TAMK offer all degree students and exchange students the opportunity to select courses from across our university community. This provides students the opportunity to tailor their studies and stand above the competition in their future careers.

    To conduct a degree, the university community offers two language options, Finnish and English, and the possibility for an international degree. In addition, the global digital campus offers a broad range of opportunities to join or pursue studies regardless of geographical boundaries.

    Talent Tampere TUT Students celebrating Vappu 2017 by Laura VanzoPhoto: Laura Vanzo

    Linking pioneering research and innovation

    A multi-disciplinary scientific community with thousands of researchers and teachers and some 30,000 university students make Tampere a colourful and multicultural university city where collisions inspiring new innovations occur naturally.

    Tampere university community is an international forerunner in multi- and transdisciplinary research.

    The community collaborates actively with numerous other educational institutions, organisations and business life. Research and education are closely integrated in the study programmes and research communities.

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    Source: TUNI,, 2020

    Vocational studies in the Tampere Region

    Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK) is one of the leading adult education centres in Finland, a multisectoral vocational educator and working life developer. Annually, there are over 13 000 adult students, and the number of employees in TAKK is around 220.

    TAKK offers vocational qualifications, further vocational qualifications, specialist vocational qualifications and vocational further education in over 20 vocational fields. Education, operations and learning environments are developed in close cooperation with working life and companies.

    Everything that TAKK does is based on the needs of working life, and it is returned to the use of working life. TAKK Business Services supports companies and organizations e.g. in different changing situations, recruiting and determining funding options.


    In Tampere, we have more than 30,000 vocational college or adult students.

    Tampere Vocational College Tredu is the the second largest vocational college in Finland with close to 18 000 students and 1000 staff members. Studies are mainly school-based but with a strong emphasis on working life experience. It is also possible for Tredu students to complete a major part of their studies in companies, either within school-based or apprenticeship training. Studies are provided in Finnish and English languages.

    Tredu also offers combination studies of two different vocational qualifications and a combination of vocational and upper secondary general studies with Finnish national matriculation examination. Tredu also offers development services and training for the working life.

    Tampere Vocational College Tredu has altogether 17 campus areas in the Tampere region in the cities of Tampere, Nokia, Virrat and municipalities of Ylöjärvi, Pirkkala, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Orivesi and Ikaalinen.

    Source:, 2020

    In Tampere, there are several platforms for open innovation co-operation between universities, companies and the city.
    Photo: Opa Latvala
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