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Stretchable electronics embedded into clothing and worn like a second skin

Say goodbye to cumbersome activity trackers and bulky smartwatches! We will soon see a new generation of flexible films that mold to our body like a second skin to monitor our performance and vital signs. 
Forciot stretchable electronics Business Tampere

Technology startup FORCIOT stretches to the next level with €4 million in funding

A Tampere-based technology startup FORCIOT, producing stretchable electronics eg. for automotive, logistics and wearable sectors, recently announced investment made in the company by Heraeus and Volvo Cars.
KONE Pitching Day - Preventive maintenance

KONE is looking for partners in the field of predictive maintenance – pitch your idea!

KONE and Business Tampere will arrange a Partner Pitching Day at KONE’s premises in Hyvinkää on February 14, 2019. Send in your business proposal latest January 25th!
järvimaisema, edustalla metalliköysi

Blog: Safety & Security knowhow in Tampere – Strong, Diverse and Active

In Tampere Region, the local safety and security know-how is both extensive and profound. The organizations working on safety and security are not necessarily too visible in public, but the work that they do is impressive. Petri Nykänen and Heini Wallander from Business Tampere wrote a blog entry about the theme.
Business Tampere - Stream Festival 2018 @ Hiedanranta

Stream Festival 2018 – the story begins here

Modern day Tampere has invested a lot of resources in an ecosystem that creates and nurtures more startup buzz, and the latest, most visible outcome of this investment was the first Stream Festival in October 9th 2018 at Hiedanranta.
Business Tampere AAC Technologies toimiston julkistus 2018

Micro-component and consumer electronics provider AAC Technologies opens new R&D center in Tampere, Finland

AAC plans to increase the headcount of its new Tampere R&D center up to 100 employees over the next three years.
Business Tampere - TAMK

Tampere – Co-creating future health care

In Tampere, the collaboration between research, business and clinic is strong and offers a fertile ground for any health care and medical related players to innovate and grow. Be it a large multinational company or a researcher cum entrepreneur, Tampere has the world class expertise and functional infrastructure to make things happen.
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Welcome to Investor & Business Forum Tampere

What is it that makes a city an attractive place for business and investment? Registration to Investor & Business Forum Tampere event on Oct 12th Now Open!
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