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    Tampere Region Business Explorer portal offers powerful data tools to attract investments

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    Which industry sectors are strong in the Tampere region, in Finland? How many ICT companies are there? What is the concentration of people with degrees in health sciences compared to other regions in Finland? The newly launched Tampere Business Explorer at investintamperefinland.com helps companies interested in Tampere as a business location to research and analyze economic and demographic data about the city region.

    Tampere Region Business Explorer homeThe online portal at investintamperefinland.com offers a comprehensive set of economical data and business insights on Tampere Region, Finland.

    Business Tampere, the regional economic development agency, provides a service portal for companies interested in investments in the Tampere Region. With the help of the data and insights, the online service helps companies make smart investing and location decisions. The Tampere Region Business Explorer portal combines a suite of powerful, interactive and mobile-friendly data tools, that make it easy to share and export results. It is the first data resource of this kind to be launched in Finland.

    The Tampere Region Business Explorer is an interactive online application developed by industry leader GIS Planning Inc., a service from the Financial Times Group Ltd.  It allows businesses easily to analyze and map eg. demographics, labour force, wages, business, and industry data.

    Tampere Region Business Explorer data viewTampere Region Business Explorer portal provides businesses easy access to data and reports with only a few clicks and free of charge.

    Visualized data makes it easy to compare

    Existing or prospective business owners, site selection consultants and entrepreneurs can research, analyze and export regional data on community infographic, demographics, top industries and business ecosystems, talent pool and other key selection criteria. Interested businesses can easily access the interactive map online and get customized data reports with only a few clicks and free of charge.

    Our data portal helps investors gain a complete and thorough overview of economic and demographic data of the Tampere Region,” explained Mr. Harri Ojala, Director, Investments and Global Operations at Business Tampere.

    Business Tampere as the regional economic development agency provides invest in services, however, so much of this research happens online, it's critical to ensure comparable information is easily available whenever investors and companies need it”, he completed.

    - The statistical insights and comparison to other regions give clear evidence of the growth and attractiveness of the Tampere Region. The main advantage of the service is that the provided data can be analyzed and displayed for individual demands. The huge amount of collected data about the region can be visualized at a glance – an important aspect in the times of big data, Harri Ojala said.

    Sarah Russis, Head of Global Sales, fDI Intelligence added:

    - Market research shows the vast majority of companies and site selectors research locations online, often without contacting investment promotion agencies. We are proud to launch the Tampere Region Business Explorer data microsite for investors as the first region to take it in to use in Finland. It ensures the region is open for investment 24 hours a day.”

    Tampere Region Business Explorer data can be accessed at investintamperefinland.com.

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