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City of Tampere is piloting a business mentoring for migrant entrepreneurs during autumn 2018. The objective is to develop services to support migrant entrepreneurs, who are facing challenges in running a business.

Program is based on Rotterdam Business Case, which provides help to struggling entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. In November 2016 The Rotterdam Business Case was awarded a European Enterprise Promotion Award in the category “Responsible and Inclusive Entrepreneurship”.

The first Finnish version of Rotterdam Business Case is run by the City of Tampere in collaboration with Pirkanmaa Business Mentors, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Business Tampere.

Individual business mentoring program is just for you if

  • you a new entrepreneur in Tampere region
  • you are an entrepreneur with foreign background
  • you have faced challenges in running your business.

Mentoring provides advice to overcome obstacles in running a business. During mentoring period entrepreneurs receives needed guidance from business mentors (local experienced entrepreneur) and university student (TAMK) to develop the company. Content and objectives are tailored according to entrepreneur’s needs. Service is free of charge.

Talent Tampere CITIES Grow initiative info sheet
Info on the CITIES Grow initiative, also linked below as a PDF file.

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