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We offer professional services and advice to the Tampere Region companies eg. in financial planning and funding related questions. Read more about our services and contact us!

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Updated on 05.08.2019

Great to have you with us, International Talent! 

This website is created to serve you who are about to come and live, work, study, do research or just find new exciting possibilities in Tampere. This site is also targeted to companies looking for and attracting international talents.

If you have any questions about International Tampere Hub or Talent Tampere, our contact details are listed below. Do not hesitate to get in touch!


International Tampere Hub 1
Here, by the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids, ideas have always been born.

More information

Nuppu Suvanto

Project Manager / International Tampere Hub

nuppu.suvanto (at) tampere.fi

Mervi Alho

Project Manager / International Business powered by Talents

mervi.alho (at) tampere.fi

Maija Niskavirta

Business Coordinator / Talent attraction activities - International Tampere Hub

maija.niskavirta (at) tampere.fi

Eero Miettinen

Business Coordinator / Talent attraction activities - International Tampere Hub

eero.miettinen (at) tampere.fi

Kagan Özkan

Business Coordinator / Startup activities - International Tampere Hub

kagan.ozkan (at) tampere.fi
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