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Great to have you with us, International Talent! This website is created to serve you who are about to come and live, work, study, do research or just find new exciting possibilities in Tampere. This site is also targeted to companies looking for and attracting international talents.

All the services and key service providers for linking international talents and business life in the Tampere region are collected on this Talent Tampere website. If you’re interested in discovering and connecting international talents, or your business is expanding to new markets, subscribe yourself to the Talent Tampere LinkedIn group. There are some 3000 members in our network: both internationals and businesses. The forum, which operates in English can be used for discussions with internationals on various topics, informing on events and activities and for recruitment. Click here to enter the Talent Tampere LinkedIn group. 

If you have any questions about Talent Tampere, our contact details are listed below. Do not hesitate to get in touch! – live, work, study & network in Tampere

Living section focuses on the key necessities for relocating talents. In order to move and live in Finland, there are important things to take care of. We have collected a list of the most essential steps in these following articles. To learn more about the Finnish Society, click here. To learn more about the most important permits and practicalities for migrants, please click here. In order to learn more about Tampere regions housing services, click here.
Tampere region offers a fantastic work-life balance for talents with families. Living also combines important information regarding children and the schooling system in Finland, and spouses. You may find out more about the educational system by clicking here and about spouse related services by clicking here.

Working focuses on offering assistance to international job seekers. Talent Tampere is not an employment agency, but what we can offer are our networks and a bit of sparring to get you started. To get started in your job search we recommend you to click here: Start Networking! Thinking about starting your life here in Tampere?
Beginning entrepreneurs? Click here to find out more: Business Services

Studying, studies and education are core characteristics of Tampere. As reputation and statistics go, Tampere is the the most popular university city in Finland among Finns. The existing three universities (UTA, TUT, TAMK) will soon be known as one: Tampere University. Every fifth citizen in Tampere is a university student, which means that the general atmosphere is youthful and active. There are plenty of cool restaurants and cafes to choose from, most of which are family friendly as well. Click here to learn about the Tampere Universities. If you would like to study in Tampere, click here. If you are a researcher looking for opportunities, click here.

Networking is what Talent Tampere does best. We act as a bridge builder between the professional community and the talents. Our most visible actions involve the Tampere Ambassador network – a group of roughly 150 Tampere minded individuals from all around the world. The Ambassadors are volunteers and our most essential “business cards” to the world. Click here to find more about the Tampere Ambassador network, and here to Meet the Ambassadors.

Manchester of Finland, or rather the Dubai of Finland?

Tampere is quite often called the “Manchester of Finland” due to the industrial history and large presence of textile manufacturing plants in the very heart of the city. This pet name has also echoed the mentality of our region: in order to get things done, one must work hard to achieve it. Nowadays the pet name has slightly changed, and some people have referred to the city as the “Dubai of Finland”, due to the rapid growth and large construction projects right in the heart of the city. Click here to learn more about the “Five Star City Centre” program. 

What is it like to live in Tampere Region?

Too pragmatic for perfectionism, you’ll find a laid-back version of the Finnish way of life. The region and the city of Tampere is functional and conveniently compact with clean nature and fresh lakes all around it. There’s room for everything and everyone – open attitudes to your dreams and aspirations. 

Each of the region’s municipalities, Tampere, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Nokia, Orivesi, Pirkkala, Vesilahti and Ylöjärvi has its own unique qualities. Some say the only things Tampere lacks are an ocean, mountains, and a sense of self-importance. But what the city is not lacking is innovation. The city is developing at a record speed. Read about the Tampere region and the surrounding municipalities from here and here

Today’s Tampere is more attractive and more competitive than ever. Welcome home and fall in love with Tampere!

If you have any questions about our activities or the new web pages, please do not hesitate to contact us right away!


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