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Updated on 01.07.2019

Finland can be challenging to get started with your professional life as an international, especially if you are left without resources. If you would like to offer help to an international newcomer and to gain new skills and networks at the same time, join the International Talents´ or Hidden Gems mentoring programme and become a mentor!

Mentoring is a two-way relationship that benefits both the mentee and the mentor. Talent Tampere Mentoring Programmes organized by the Tampere Universities offer three mentoring programmes in 2019-2020. All three programmes are running in English. Mentoring takes place on a voluntary basis.

Apply now!

In order to redirect to the Tampere University’s website for the mentoring programme, please click here. For the Finnish webpage, please click here.

Please apply by filling in the on-line form by the end of September. By mid-October latest the pairs will be matched and applicants will be contacted. Apply by filling the online form. Please tick the programme of your preference(s) in the application.

Tampere Universities are coordinating the mentoring programmes. If you have any questions related to the mentoring programmes, we are happy to help you! Contact details are listed below.

More information

Kaisa Niskanen

Career specialist

kaisa.niskanen(at) tuni.fi
+358 50 300 5964

Karelle Belanger

Project Coordinator

karelle.belanger(at) tuni.fi
+358 50 447 8423

Marika Yli-Arvela

HRD Specialist

marika.yli-arvela(at) tuni.fi
+358 50 301 0157
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