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The Tampere University (former UTA and TUT) is currently undergoing the greatest reformation in their history. The two legendary universities will be merged into one university. The new Tampere University will be closely connected with the Applied Sciences University of TAMK. The new Tampere University will have more centralised capabilities to assist and facilitate all sorts of students from all fields of study. More about the reformation process can be found at the TUNI website

Life in Finnish dorms and student flats

Finnish universities accept new degree students in numerous ways. The application period takes place once or twice a year, depending on the study program and university. Some universities and study programs require taking an entrance examination, some focus on evaluating the applicants on the basis of their secondary school degree. In any case, Finns usually leave their parents and start establishing their own homes at the time of entering university. 

Some may already move to dormitories during upper secondary education, so both shared housing and independent flats are required. All the universities and their student unions are involved in the foundations that provide most of the student housing in Tampere. Free-market options are also always available, but student housing is usually the most affordable choice. Read more about the different ways of housing from the Talent Tampere page Housing services.

Tampere has declared itself the “Most Student Friendly City in Finland” – more info:


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