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Have you followed your beloved one to Finland? Join the Spouse community and get networking, mentoring and professional support in your integration to Tampere.

The Hidden Gems project, facilitated by the Tampere Universities promotes the growth and international activities of the regional industries and businesses by enabling them to tap into the “hidden” expertise of expatriates’ spouse. If your partner,  wife or husband is a researcher in one of the three Tampere universities you are eligible to participate in one of the pilot groups. Click here to watch Hidden Gems in a Nutshell on Youtube.

Tampere Universities offer a set of relocation services to their international staff, including the family members. Hidden Gems is the first initiative to support dual-career couples in Finland.

In today’s competitive world companies need to seek for talents from abroad to answer the bourgeoning foreign operations and increasing innovation shortage.  Talents are often attracted to conduct international assignment and 80 percent of today’s expatriate relocate with their families. When relocating, spouses are often falling under the radar or organizational support, while they genuinely need the most psychological and career care. The successful adjustment of newcomers largely depends on their ability to integrate into the new system. Tampere universities wish to maximize the opportunities for personal and professional growth by improving language skills, building a social network, establishing a social identity as well as providing a set of cultural knowledge as an essential foundation for the spouses integration and career development.

Hidden Gems promotes the utilization of immigrant professionals’ expertise and human capital to meet the needs of industry and business, so that the participants find employment that corresponds to their qualifications and ensures them fair compensation. By participating in several activities related to networking, mentoring and professional development, we wish to equip the spouses to become the actors of their own success in Finland.

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Talent Tampere Hidden Gems – for companies and spouses

Discover the unique Hidden Gems program Become the actor of your own success in Finland! 


  • Company visits
  • Company challenge
  • Active participation in National and International conferences
  • Access to existing communities
  • Social activities
  • Sport courses at Unipoli Sport 


  • Broad information on relocation (Housing, schooling, taxation, insurance etc.)
  • Peer mentoring program powered by Talent Tampere
  • Feedback on CV
  • Job interview coaching
  • LinkedIn
  • Self-empowerment 

Professional development

  • Trainings on 8 themes related to the Finnish working culture and cultural customs
  • Finnish language course
  • Elevator pitching
  • Lean thinking approach
  • Value creation
  • Prototyping

Hidden Gems is an initiative of the Tampere3 community. The project is part of the Talent Boost agenda of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and funded by the European Social Fund.  In two years’ time, we wish to expand our services to all the International Talents of Tampere region. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the project team.

More information

Karelle Bélanger

Hidden Gems project coordinator

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