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Updated on 05.03.2019

Finland takes great pride in its highly regarded education system. Finland consistently ranks very high in the PISA international student assessment programme, thanks to its high-quality, free and universal education.

Finland is a safe country and it is common for children to manage themselves to school without assistance from their parents. Generally parents are encouraged not to drive their kids to school, and instead let them walk, cycle or catch a bus. Even if you live in rural areas with no bus service, taxi service is provided.

In Finland schools feed the kids

All kids from kindergarten all the way up to high-school receive a free of charge hot lunch every single school day. Daycares even serve breakfast, which saves a ton of time in the mornings. In Finland, the school feeds the kids.

School runs from Monday to Friday, from mid-August to June, with some longer holiday periods in between. Tampere provides a number of options for international children of all ages. This means non-Finnish daycare options as well as basic education in various languages. Click here to read more about the general work-life balance in Finland

Finnish Education in a nutshell

We have listed key points about the Finnish education system and international daycare and education options in Tampere. Additional information can be found from the InfoFinland’s education section by clicking here: Education in Tampere.


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