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The municipality of Kangasala has some 30,000 residents and a strong identity. The municipality is well known for its observation towers and the song “Kesäpäivä Kangasalla” (summer day at Kangasala).

For several years in a row, Kangasala has come first at the Confederation of Finnish Industries’ corporate climate investigations, beating all other municipalities in the Tampere Region. Kangasala enjoys a strong corporate community and functional networks. More start-up companies are launched in Kangasala than anywhere else in the Tampere Region.

The municipality of Kangasala invests in the development of operational preconditions for companies by offering high-quality business plots within good connections and by actively developing co-operation with the entrepreneurs operating in the region.

More information about business sites in Kangasala:

Lasse Silván
Director of Economic Development
Town of Kangasala
tel. +358 3 377 7272 or +358 50 462 7659

New, existing and expanding business sites:

Kallio business area, within the rapidly growing Tampere Region, is located at a traffic node. It is located a six minute drive from the town centre of Kangasala, and the eastern bypass of Tampere is seven minutes’ drive away. Along this road, the distance to Helsinki is 170 km and 130 km to Jyväskylä. The business area is located 12 km from the centre of Tampere.

The business area is partially quarried into sturdy, Finnish rock. All in all, the area is about 30 hectares in size.

The following companies, among others, operate in the Kallio business area: Taerosol Oy, Retki Finland, Talart Oy, Peloton pyöräkauppa, Hämeen Kolarikorjauskeskus, Ympäristörakennus Saarinen Oy, Team Laine, Hinausautot Raimo Moisio Oy, VMS Racing, Maanrakennus Ahti Kallio.

The Asema area is a traditional business area with plot sizes varying from small to large. Businesses operating in the area at the moment include: Kuljetusliike Sivenius, JPTuf Oy, Maanrakennus J.Haavisto, VRJ Suomi Oy, Alumatic Oy

The municipality of Kangasala has launched a planning project to expand the Asema area. As a result, the area will include more plots suitable for small businesses. The plots will become available for sale in 2015 and 2016.

Pikonlinna is a business area aimed at health and care services, and also includes a high-quality residential area. A considerable number of care businesses operate in the area.

The following businesses, among others, operate in Lentola: Parma Oy, Rolemet Oy, Puristeteos Oy, Modusteel Oy, Eurotank, Wavin-Labko Oy, Hämeen Rakennuskonevuokraamo Oy, Neonpoint, Neoneletkro, Skansa Infra Oy, Rakennusliike Malm, Rakennusliike Tikirak

The following companies, among others, operate in the Pähkinäkallio business area: Asoma Oy, Artekno Oy, Vesmeta Oy, KP säiliöt

The following companies, among others, operate in Vatiala: Dekati, Jotel Oy, Jonelec, Divacont, Kuljetusliike Vatiala

More information

Business Tampere - Raimo Vähämaa

Raimo Vähämaa

+358 50 505 2228

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