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Advancing city of commerce, experiences and sharing economy

The City of Tampere is investing over EUR 6 billion in the development of the city by 2030. There are several major ongoing projects in the city region for smart and sustainable housing, mobility and logistics, such as the construction of the tramway, the development of the main rail line and a unique Deck Arena being built in the heart of Tampere.

Tampere is a net migration gain region and one of Finland’s fastest growing city regions. In surveys, Tampere shines year after year as Finland’s most attractive city to which Finns would most like to move. The smaller surrounding municipalities are also the fastest growing ones of their size.

Growth will continue in the future. According to the  population projection 2040 study  published by the research company MDI , the Finnish growth triangle centres – the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere and Turku – will continue to grow strongly in the coming decades, though the fall in the birth rate will inevitably affect the demographic development of several large cities and their neighbouring regions in Finland. (Source: MDI’s population projection 2040 study, 2019)

The Deck will give Tampere city centre a dazzling new silhouette

A completely new neighbourhood is being built on top of the railway in the heart of Tampere, featuring an arena, a hotel and the highest tower blocks in the city.

The first stage of construction began in spring 2017, focusing on a multi-purpose arena. Later stages of construction will result in offices, commercial premises and housing in the area.

In the future, the new centre for sports, culture, leisure and business developed and built by the SRV will bring together city residents and tourists to enjoy unique experiences and encounters. The completed complex will offer some 1,000 homes, around 285 hotel rooms and many major sports and cultural events.

The first stage – the south deck, arena and two tower blocks – will be completed in 2022. The entire area is expected to be completed in 2024. The planned station centre, central deck and arena will create a spectacular silhouette for the city as the buildings cover the existing railway tracks.

Source: SRV,
Image:  SRV/ Daniel Libeskind/ Tomorrow

New neighbourhood with 25,000 inhabitants and 10,000 jobs to be built in Hiedanranta

A new neighbourhood with 25,000 inhabitants and 10,000 jobs is being planned in Hiedanranta, in the grounds of an old pulp mill. The development of the area will focus on, for example, low-carbon, self-sufficiency and the circular and sharing economy. Together with Lielahti, the future lakeside neighbourhood will form an attractive hub in Western Tampere. (Source: Hiedanranta logistics survey, 2019)

Image: City of Tampere image bank

Return on investment between +7% and 15%

Building in Tampere gives a better return than in other major cities in the Nordic countries.

Smart city Tampere

As the city becomes busier, we are making sure to build smart. Trams, underground parking, tunnels and other logistical structures enable an energetic urban experience.

Tampere is an innovation platform for companies that develop smart city technologies, products and service solutions, such as intelligent transport systems and housing of the future.

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The centre for commerce and logistics

Tampere is a transport hub in the middle of the busiest Finland. It is a growth centre and industrial cluster, where municipalities actively offer good locations for companies. The central location and good accessibility are assets for the entire city region.

Why Tampere

Tampere is one of the fastest growing city regions in Finland. The city invests in the future, and there are several major projects underway in smart and sustainable construction, mobility and logistics. In surveys, Tampere shines year after year as the city to which Finns would most like to move.

Business areas, lots and premises in the Tampere city region

The Tampere city region has a large amount of lots and premises available for business use. Business Tampere offers personal service free-of-charge in finding the ideal location for your business needs.

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