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Tampere is the most attractive and among the fastest growing regions in Finland. Around two-thirds of Finland’s economic activity is concentrated within a two-hour drive from Tampere. In Finnish popularity polls, Tampere shines out as the most attractive city!

Business Tampere together with the Council of Tampere Region collect and publish regularly the Companies, Labour Market and Internationality report in order to provide companies, investors and other stakeholders information about the business climate in the Tampere city region.

The comprehensive data package includes eg. key figures of the companies operating in Tampere region, such as SMEs, start-ups and growth companies; the amount of the regional companies funded by the Finnish Funding Agency of Technology, (now Business Finland); and the statistics of the unemployment rates, foreign labour force, foreign visitors’ overnight stays, international events, and export destinations.

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Tampere in figures

Population & growth:

  • Tampere Region has a population of 505,000 which makes it second largest region in Finland just after Helsinki capital region.
  • Population of Tampere is estimated to grow with 90,000 inhabitants by 2030.
  • City of Tampere will invest over 6 billion euro in the development of the city by 2030.


Business environment:

  • 31,000 places of business.
  • Tampere Region has the largest concentration of mobile machinery in Europe.
  • Tampere is the 6th largest urban area and the largest inland city in the Nordic Countries.
  • For companies the key reasons to operate in Tampere Region are good availability of employees, central location and the close connections to universities.


Research & development:

  • Tampere is known for education, research and technology.
  • There are three highly esteemed international universities.
  • Up to 15% of Finland’s national R&D budget is spent in the Tampere Region.
  • Finland is #1 in the world for IPR according to The World Economic Forum (WEF), Global Competitiveness Report 2014–2015.
  • According to WEF Finland is #1 in university-industry collaboration and Tampere is by far #1 in Finland.



  • Every 5th person in Tampere is a student.
  • There are 36,000 university students and more than 34,000 vocational college or adult students.
  •  Every 6th student in Tampere University of Technology is international.
  • Tampere has been voted for the most student-friendly city in Finland.



  • The local Tampere-Pirkkala airport is the second busiest international airport in Finland.
  • Helsinki is only 1,5 hour drive away.
  • The large Finnish ports on the Gulf of Botnia are even closer.
  • Tampere is a logistical gateway to the East, with St. Petersburg just 400 kilometers away


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