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We offer professional services and advice to the Tampere Region companies eg. in financial planning and funding related questions. Read more about our services and contact us!

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We offer the easiest access to the Finnish markets

Working with us is easy and nimble.

  • Practical advice on the market situation in Finland and in its second biggest city region the Tampere Region
  • Concrete help in launching your business: business premises and commercial lots, recruitment process and best talents, business partners, banking and translation issues, contacting the correct authorities etc.
We offer the easiest access to the Finnish markets
Photo: Laura Vanzo

We offer networking and partnership

  • Networking with the local business community and the public sector
  • Knowledge about the companies and possble business partners in your field of business

We offer support in development and research

  • Advice on product, service and process development
  • Advice on development financing
  • Opportunities to participate in top-of-the-line research cooperation with the academic community that includes three universities in the Tampere Region
  • When your company is already located in the Tampere Region we offer a unique presentation business services.

If you’re thinking about launching a business in the Tampere region, or starting up a new unit, contact any of the members of our Invest in Tampere team members. We’re here for you.

Be our guest – an invitation to visit Tampere

  • Personalised visit program, tailored to your needs and areas of interest
  • Visit different sites to see the variety of quality premises available
  • Meet with foreign companies who’ve already chosen Tampere
  • Meet potential supply chain sub-contractors and partners
  • Visit the universities and research institutes and meet the experts
  • Come and see the innovation talent at New Factory
  • Talk to recruitment professionals about your hiring needs
  • Meet other professional services providers such as accountants and legal

Contact us!

More information

Hussey Oliver Business Tampere 1

Oliver Hussey

Senior business advisor, technology

+358 40 679 4142
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