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Updated on 31.07.2018

Intelligent machines is one of the industries in the Tampere Region that benefits from the strong ICT cluster. Tampere Region is a home for 10 globally operating world market leaders in their own market segment. Companies like Kalmar, Sandvik and AGCO Power have seen the opportunities in the region.

AgcoPower, in one of the leading companies in manufacturing industry and intelligent machines that benefits from the strong ICT cluster in Tampere region.
Photo: Opa Latvala

From over 100 years of manufacturing heritage to strong high-tech engineering

Tampere region is the center of the Finnish manufacturing industry. The industrial history of the city goes back more than a hundred years to the first paper mill by the Tammerkoski rapids in the centre of Tampere. In larger scale the industrialization of the city began when the old Finlayson factory area was built in the early 1820’s.

Today the manufacturing industry in the region is known from the strong high-tech engineering such as high level of expertise in biomaterials, laser, and semiconducting technologies.

The manufacturing industry turnover in the region in 2014 was total of 10 billion €. The industry employed 42 500 professionals and the value of the export was 5 billion €. Many global leaders in manufacturing industry have chosen Tampere; such as Sandvik, Kalmar (Cargotec), Valmet, Metso, Fastems, John Deere, Bronto Skylift and AGCO Power as well as medium sized local companies such as Avant Tecno, Insta, Koja, Ata Gears and Tasowheel.

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