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Tampere is the European forerunner of innovation platforms

There is a large number of innovative platforms in the Tampere region helping businesses to develop their concepts, processes, products and services.

In Tampere, there are several platforms for open innovation co-operation between universities, companies and the city.
Photo: Opa Latvala

Innovation platforms operate on the basis of open co-operation, which is implemented and facilitated between those operating in the public, private or third sectors in order to develop new products and services.

Innovation platforms offer

  • companies the opportunity to develop and pilot new concepts,
  • students the chance to implement actual development projects with clients and
  • cities the possibility to network with service developers.

Innovation platforms generate results

New innovation centres are being developed in the Tampere Region in close co-operation with regional operators which include the city, the region, various corporations, universities and research institutions.

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